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Hello :sunglasses:

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Xena Warrior Princess! I forgot that she liked using a Chakram, and a Sword, and a Dagger, and, and, and!!!

welcome to DQ Forums @SPARTANS . I hope you have lots of fun!



What is your IGN?
What League are you in now?

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Ooooh imagine an eternal fabled chakram with huge damage combined with blinkstrike as a chance :grinning:

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I’m currently grinding out on the 100s to level up. What (if any) gear should I be saving versus selling?

Currently saving all runes, crystals, items with crystal affixes, and legendary items, and 1 (rarest) of each pet.

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thankyou! i hope to became a good teammate player to all.

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I’m in on a mhytic league nuique you are outstanding MMR do you have.


Good. Go to top.

Eat @NUIQUE’s MMR like a junkfood.

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Save any item with green letters written especially the items with ff.:

  • Defiant
  • Nadroji
  • Eternalized
  • Crystaline

And the common items with following affixes are also good for starters:

  • Plagued
  • Faun’s Gift
  • Equality
  • Anything else @golem and @dickwad might

lol my immortal build not prepared it soon i realy bzey for e farming.


Thank you!

in the early game, any item with Fortune affix, so you can get your Fortune Skill to 40 (max) will help a lot with finding good loot early.

Defiant is a good affix to have. it gives +25% DMG & Damage Reduction, plus extra DMG & Damage Reduction based on how much HP you are missing. each Class has a Ragnarok & Mutiny item with Defiant. one has a +100% Elemental DMG and the other has +200% Weapon DMG.

killing Epic+ monsters (Orange, Red, & Purple) on floors over 100 can get you a Nadroji Ring or Necklace. the best part of these 2 items is they both have +2 All Sets. this boosts the power of your Green Set affixes. for example, if you have one Defiant Item, it shows as Defiant (1). with +4 All Sets, it will show as Defiant (5). you go from +5% extra DMG & Damage Resistance of your missing HP % to +25% DMG & Damage Reduction of your missing HP %. and this is in addition to the other +25%.

Equality is easy to use. just make sure your Health & Mana on your Stat Page is the same, or close to equal. leveling up will mean they wont be equal all the time, but that is ok. Equality gives +7.5% DMG & HP/MP Regen per Rank of your HP/MP Equality %. the bigger the difference, the less DMG & Regen boost. current HP & MP doesn’t matter, like if you cast spells or get injured, only the HP/MP on the Stat Page.

for anything else, when you can, just test them out when you get a chance. there are a lot of things I don’t use because I like how other things work. but lately I have been testing items I never used before to see if I can use them in Builds that pop into my head.


no problem, even I was a Noob Beginner wondering what to do! :blush:

Another question; I’m following this guide for my 1st character to max level:

It’s fun so far, but I’m not too far into it (no zeal yet). Is it still a good guide?

Yes. The principles are still the same.

It is very old, but is is still the best cheap build out there (as far as I have read).


Thanks! I appreciate the help.

  1. How to craft a mythic?

I used some mythic stones now, but no recipe I have… so I haven’t gotten a clue yet.

Are they better than Eternal?

  1. How to level upgrade Eternal? I got a level 82 one and couldn’t use the lvl upgrade stone on it.

Eternal items do not upgrade unless it’s a pet. With a eternal pet just equip them and bash monsters. Eternal items can be level 100 if the character that drops them is level 99 otherwise your stuck with a less than perfect eternal item.