New to game

So i just started playing about 3 days ago and realized this has a lot of in depth game mechanics however other than the dictionary the doesnt offer any explanation so i began searching the internet but havent been able to find direct answers to my questions;

  1. can any item have any talent? Im building wizard spirit master and i would like to know if any legendary item i get could have spirit master or if only a specific group of items can

  2. can an item have a talent (spirit master) and be a mythic? For instance i have a spirit master legendary necklace i would like to make summoner which is a mythic can i do this? Would one replace the other?

  3. can you use multiple mythics? Such as a mythic weapon and a hat and a ring?

  4. does the pet leveling up actually do anything for the pet?

Thank you

  1. As long as the talent is of the same class yes you may need to apply citrine depending on the item in order to change the talent to the desired one however

  2. yes mythics take up an affix slot once crafted so talents will still be there

  3. as long as they are on different gear pieces yes

  4. yes it increases the strength of the affixes of the pet

Hope that helps :smile:

I do not think you’ve devoted yourself so much to your research.
You can get everything and a lot more here:

Also, you can check Griffin’s Masterpost (I guess it’s easier to browse), here:

And for last but not least, the Wikia:

Ive been over the wikia a lot and it doesnt have much to offer just list of possible items and such

Hello Striff97!
Welcome to the Dungeon Quest Forum and this awesome game! I have been playing for several years and am still learning a lot about this game! One thing is for sure, this Forum is a fantastic source of info as everyone here is quite helpful, informative and at times, simply hilarious!!!:grin:

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and welcome. Hope you have a great time and lots of fun in Dungeon Quest!

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That’s why I sent other two links.