Newbie here

Im already lv 99. But Im still levelling for nothing. How to level up more? Help plss

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This is an old discussion on ascension but it is the best read I can find for you: click :point_right: Patch 2.1 Preview - Part 1


I’m new to pvp, I’m curious when the ladder resets and when it does will everyone that’s in there current division stay in that division? Also I’d like to know are there any skins after the angelic aura? Can eternals be obtained in mythic division since I’ve reached eternal league once?

After obtaining angelic aura at lvl 30 you can aim for DEMONIC AURA at lvl 35.

You must be referring to the green back vanity.
The conditions have changed in acquiring it:

It now requires you to go to top to get one.


Thanks… You know how to unlock perks?

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Once your character reaches lvl99 go to shop and look for the button encircled in red here: Ascension... What did you pick?

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