Noob wizard build

I’m completely new to the game and I’m around floor 250. Absolutely love the wizard but I have no clue what kind of build to work towards. So far, I really like using storm and twister. I barely have any good gear I’m really not sure where exactly to go from here with it though.

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Wizard Builds around the Elementalist Talents are easier to use, then experiment with others when you can…

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I’d be lying if I said I knew exactly what you meant. :joy:

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I think you should do some research on how affixes work and skills first and figure out if you want pvp or pve builds. Then research wizard builds on the search bar. I play a warrior so idk much about a wizard but I do know most builds are built around whatever set afix you have and also what your trying to accomplish like since you like storm you can use certain affixes to apply elemental dmg with the storm or you can find items that enhance storm through the codex.

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Energy + manasheild is good for early game

@HastyBanana sorry, I was in a hurry when I posted earlier. here is some better advice.

first, just play and get a feel for the game. read the Codex so you can get to know a little more about the game. do Searches :mag: in the Forum on anything you want to know more about.

when you feel like you have a better understanding of Dungeon Quest, it is time to choose which direction you want to go.

Farming: this is Equipment, or Builds, that are optimized for getting Loot. having enough Luck & Gold Find, and maybe some Item Drops, helps you get lots of Loot in the early game, especially things like Gold, Crystals, Myth Stones, Legend or better items, that you can use to make more powerful Builds later. Farm Builds can be used on any Difficulty Level and usually don’t need to go farther than floor 500ish, but they still need to have enough attack to get Loot from monsters.

Ascending: look in the Codex > Dictionary > Perks. there are 6 Perks, and it takes a lot of Experience Points to get them. Perks mostly help with getting more Loot. an Ascending Build needs to have 6 Quest Myth Stones for a +200% boost to Experience gains, because after getting a Perk, your Character gets put back to level 1 and you need to work your way back to level 99, and the amount of Experience you need for the next Perk increases. also, you only need to kill monsters around floor 100 or a little higher, because experience from monsters stops going up at floor 100.

Climbing: this Build is for Climbing Floors as high as you can, so it only needs to kill monsters and not die a lot.

Battle Arena (PVP): because of how Battle Arena works, PVP Builds are different from the other 3 Builds. when you first go into Battle Arena, just use the Build you already have like everyone else did. later, when you learn more about DQ and read the Forums on how to do good in PVP, you can make Builds specifically for Battle Arena.