Patch 2.0 Now Available! - Patch Notes


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Patch 2.0 - Patch Notes

  • Features
    • Battle Arena
      • Modes
        • 1v1
        • 2v2
        • Practice ( does not affect rating )
      • League System
        • Leagues include: Common, Magic, Elite, Epic, Legend, Mythic, Eternal
        • 1000 points to reach the next League
      • Matchmaking System
        • Matchmaking attempts to find you easy matches first, then progressively finds more difficult opponents until you lose.
    • UI
      • Updated Front Menu
      • Updated Select Menu and Difficulty Menu
      • Updated All Dialog boxes
      • New font for better detail text
      • New improved textures for many buttons and frames
      • Updated Inventory Screen with more clear item tabs and gold display
      • Updated In Game menu that includes a link to Codex
      • Updated In Game descriptions for various systems
      • Updated Item Detail
      • When a stack-able item's count increases, it will now show green numbers
      • No longer offering hire scrolls during creating character flow
      • Looted Pets will now show the rarity
      • Stats are now applied immediately in the stats menu, and properly updates all count notifications Fixing touch issues on stats button from codex
      • Updated credits
      • Lock/Unlock option removed from items, replaced with an auto locking system that locks:
        • Legend+ Items
        • Maps, Pets, Rewards, Mythstones and Crystals
        • Any item that was enchanted with Crystals.
        • Any item that was equipped
    • Message System - Receive messages and rewards which can be assigned to different characters
    • Convert System - All items now have a "Convert" option.
      • Normal -> Eternal Legends items have a chance to produce a varying rarity Crystal based on the rarity of the item.
      • Mythic items have a chance to produce a Mythstone between the two highest Mythstones used to create the Mythic
      • Maps will be converted to higher level versions up to the max high floor achieved.
      • Reward Chests will be converted to more rare versions
    • New IAP
      • Premium stash - 2 normal stashes + special stashes for Crystals and Mythstones. Once purchased, all Crystals and Mythstones will be automatically looted to this Stash.
      • New Armor and Weapon Skins - Nightblade Set
      • New Boost and Boost System
        • Purchased Boosts will now last an hour instead of for 1000 kills.
        • Loading screen will tell you your Boost progress
        • New Boost: Pick Up Radius - Increases your pick up radius
        • New Boost: Pet XP Boost - Increases pet leveling by 400% and increases chance for new affixes to be learned by your pet
        • New Boost: Monster Spawns - 100% Pack Size increase, and 100% Chance to find Cartographers and Enslavers each level.
      • Pet Skins - Pet shop no longer sells random pets, but now Skins your pet to the chosen Style.
    • Item Checker
      • Item Checker will now check for legal items and fix them with either Empty Sockets or Empty Affixes
      • Any broken items will now be fixed and made equip-able.
  • Design
    • General
      • Floor Requirements to open Maps have been removed, which means you can give maps to your alts to help them catch up in floors
      • Enemies now deal 33% less damage
      • In response to many balance and skill bug fixes that lowered player damage, Enemy health is now scaled back ( more noticeable in later levels ). Examples: Before floor 100 - unchanged 12% lower HP at floor 200 22% lower HP at floor 400 31% lower HP at floor 600 39% lower HP at floor 800
      • Armor and Resist formulas have been changed to be based off Enemy Level, dictionary updated with new formulas. Enemy Level = Floor / 2.
      • HP/MP Potions increased CD from 1 to 3 seconds
      • Mitigation now takes place before Elemental Effects are placed, like poison, and fire.
      • Luck nature now gives 25 luck instead of 10
      • Change Talent Crystal can now be used on Eternal items
      • You can now apply Larimar and Topaz to Eternals with missing affixes
      • Change Element can now be used on Pets
      • Mitigation is now calculated for DoTs each time damage is applied, instead of when the DoT itself is applied
      • Most buffs ( aside from summons ) skill's effects now happen immediately
      • Critical effect chance removed from Poison Clouds
      • Reworked flow for taking damage 1) Impact Effects ( Stun, Knockback, CCs ) 2) Reactive Effects ( Reflect Damage, Terrashaper, etc ) 3) Mitigation ( Anything that lowers damage taken ) 4) Bleed and Elemental Application 5) Damage
      • Players are considered "Elite" and will be affected by DMG to Elites and will use the formula for Epic+ Enemys for Crushing Blow
      • Reflect DMG is now reflects back a percentage of your own MH DMG instead of damage received
        • Reflect and Counter reworked to be a chance to reflect your full Reflect DMG amount on either Dodge or Block
    • Stats
      • Mana Absorb no longer works with Blood Magic
      • Base Mana Regen ( Mana Total * 0.05 ) is now calculated at the same time as Resource Systems ( allowing more mana total modifiers to increase it )
    • Talents
      • Wizard
        • Mastery Changed to: Primary attacks have (rank)% chance to finish Special Cooldowns - .25%
        • Insight changed to: (rank)% Dodge, gain (rank2) MP with each Dodge
        • Backfire changed to: Infusion - (rank)% of your All Resists applies to damage taken by your Mana Shield
        • Hearty changed to Sacrifice - Minions explode for (rank)% OH DMG on death
        • Spiritual changed to: All minions have (rank)% chance to Extra Attack
        • Empower is now calculated after Blood Magic and other resource systems
      • Warrior
        • Cleanse changed to: Blocking has a (rank)% chance to purge all negative effects and heal (rank) HP
        • Bloodbath changed to: Heal for 0.1% per rank of Total HP when Bleed DMG is dealt
        • Frenzy dropped from 1x to 0.5x per rank, description updated to: (rank)% Move and Attack Speed Multiplier when enemies bleed
        • Assault dropped from 4x to 2.5x per rank
        • Phalanx changed to: (rank)% to cast Shield Wall on block
        • Brutality changed to: Bleeding enemies take (rank)% more damage
        • Hardened moved to Defender tree
        • Stonecold talent removed
        • Might elemental damage granted lowered from 2.5% to 1.5% per rank and moved to Tier 1 Champion
        • New Champion Talent: Fanaticism - (rank)% to cast Charge on attack
        • Suffering fixed to actually cause enemies to miss
        • Icy Touch changed to: Intimidation - (rank)% to cast Fear on hit
        • Iceberg changed to: Provocation - (rank)% to cast Taunt on attack
        • Icebound changed to: Salvation - Reduces all DMG taken by (rank)% Block%
        • Bulwark functionality fixed and changed to: Blocked attacks give (rank)% Block for 5 seconds
      • Rogue
        • Veil changed to 1.5% from 2.5% Stealth Duration
        • Fletcher changed to: Attack Speed Multiplier while using a bow is increased by (rank)%
        • Dexterous changed to: Increases Critical Damage ( beyond cap ) of your next attack by (rank)% on Dodge
        • Mutilate changed to: Extra and Multiple attack deal (rank)% more damage
        • Talents adjusted to place Mirror Image based talents in Ranger tree, and Blind effects in Pirate Tree
          • Deception moved to Ranger Tree from Pirate Tree
          • Remedy moved to Pirate Tree from Assassin Tree
          • Counter moved to Assassin tree from Ranger Tree
          • Illusion moved to Ranger Tree from Pirate Tree
          • Darkness moved to Pirate Tree from Assassin Tree
          • Deadeye moved to Assassin Tree from Ranger Tree
        • Ensnaring changed to: (rank)% chance for Traps to Root enemies in place for 3 seconds
        • Deadeye changed to: Adds (rank)% deadly strike
        • Darkness fixed to no longer have a chance to blind
        • Deception changed to: Increased chance for enemy to miss when there's summonsed mirror images
        • Relentless changed to: Deal (rank)% of enemies missing health to enemy
        • Remedy changed to: Heal (rank) HP per Dodge - rank at 20
    • Sets
      • Druidic changed to: HP and MP Regen 25% per rank. Poison DoT DMG * (HP+MP Regen)/4000
      • Blood Magic mechanic changed to match Mythic Affix version
      • Defiant changed to: Increases DMG and DMG Reduction by 25%, increased by %(rank) of total HP% missing
      • Rage changed to: Increases AR by (rank)% of your Crit Chance, Crit DMG by (rank)% of your Crit Chance
      • Rage is now calculated before Plagued
      • Vampiric and Golden Veins are now calculated before Blood Magic
      • Spell Sword changed to: Skills -> Comet and Meteor. All Resists and Total MP increased by (rank)%
      • Battle Mage changed to: Skills -> Charge and Whirlwind. Total Armor % and Total HP increased by (rank)%
      • Golden Veins changed to: Satyr's Spirit - Increases Total MP% and Total AR% by (rank)% Gold on Gear
      • Plagued changed to: Increases HP and Total AR% by (rank). Increases {0144} DoT DMG for each Enemy poisoned by (rank2)%
      • (New Set) Gladiator - Debuffs hit enemies with (rank)% reduced healing. Empowers Trophy affixes by (rank)%
      • Summoner set now grants +2 per tank to spiritmancer talents
      • Spirit Master changed to: Increases the total possible Spirit Minions summoned by .5 per rank ( rounded up ) and summon related skill ranks by 2 per rank
      • Druidic and Plagued's poison damage modifiers now happen at DoT application
      • Momentum's DMG Increase dropped from 12.5 to 7.5 per rank
      • Increased damage multiplier of Ballista from 1x to 1.5x
      • Vampiric Bleed DMG dropped from 25% to 12.5%
      • Electrified reflect range increased by 10 yd
      • Increased crystalline and eternalized from 7.5 to 50% increase per rank
      • Living Force now takes priority over seeking behavior of comet, pierce, and barrage when there's extra bolts
      • Ballista now works with Chakrams
    • Skills
      • Wizard
        • Increased timer for Twister's Taunt Increased hit per second of twister from .2 to .25
        • Increased Twister's damage by 33%
        • Decreased Torrents damage from 500% to 300%
        • Storms damage increased from 500% to 600%
        • Only one storm can exist at once per player
        • Reduced hit frequency of Orb from .1 to .5 seconds
        • Orb's speed has been reduced, damage increased from 1.75x to 2x. Hero Skill stun replaced with Projectile Speed, investing reduces speed.
        • Time Warp's formula has been fixed and updated to increase projectile damage by 50%
        • Meteor is no longer considered a Projectile
        • Meteor's size increased by 100%, and damage increased from 6x to 7.5x. Crater now deals 25% damage each second. Hidden 25% stun chance has been removed.
        • Mana Shield only calculates relevant talents for mitigation, then skips the rest of normal mitigation
        • Mana Shield now properly applies step 4) and 5) after mitigation
        • Mana Shield properly applies its talent based mitigation on every hit, resist formula updated for infusion
        • Blast's knockback has been removed and replaced with Stun. Hero Skill's Knockback Distance has been replaced with Crit Chance. Damage increased to 1.5x
      • Warrior
        • Whirlwind's damage multiplier increased from 2x to 5x
        • Knight's Charge damage multiplier reduced from 8x to 5x
        • Knight's charge cooldown reduced to 1 second, knockback removed, mana cost reduced by 25%, and damage increased from 6x to 8x
        • Earth shatter now create craters at up to 5 nearby enemy locations
        • Earth Shatter rework. Uses faster animation, always produces at least one crater, with additional craters created at nearby enemies
        • Scalp now creates three spiraling hatchets at the cast location. CD reduced to 1 second and Damage increased from 2x to 4x
        • Replaced Charge's Hit Frequency Hero Skill stat with Stun chance
      • Rogue
        • Stealth now has a 10 second cooldown with a 4 second minimum cooldown duration
        • Swap and Teleport now have a 1 second CD
        • Whirling Blades damage increased to 4.5x from 1x
        • Removed unintended 100% bonus on chakram return for boomerang and whirling blades
        • Multishot damage increase to 10.5x from 5x
        • Chakram's sensor is now 50% larger
        • Ricochet no longer reduces damage per rebound. Initial speed reduced by 25%. Hero Skill's Rebound chance increased from 1 to 1.5 and fixed issue with Rebound chance not actually increasing the bullet's ricochet chance.
      • Mythic
        • Rock Blast no longer explodes and creates craters
      • Increased ranges of projectiles to surpass ranges of other non projectile abilities:
        • Barrage - 25yd
        • Comet - 25yd
        • Pierce - 25yd
        • Arrow - 30yd
        • Bullet - 30yd + Additional Bullets
        • Hatchet - 25yd
        • Thrown Sword - 25yd
        • Rock Blast - 25yd
        • Teleport/Shatter - 20yd
        • Blink - 20yd
        • Swap - 20yd
    • Affixes
      • MP Leech replaced by MP on Hit, which rewards a flat amount of MP per enemy hit
      • HP Leech replaced by HP on Hit, which rewards a flat amount of HP per enemy hit
      • Created new slot independent Mythic Affixes that can be placed on any gear slot that are all themed to Resource System alteration.
      • Energy
        • Moved to a slot independent Mythic affix
        • changed to: Convert Resource system to Energy. Primary Skills Cost 10 Energy, Special Cost 30. Recovers 30% energy every second. Total Energy is 100. DMG dealt increased by current Energy %.
      • Fury
        • Moved to a slot independent Mythic affix
        • changed to: Convert Resource system to Fury. Gain 10 Fury from Primary Attacks, Spend 50 Fury with Special Attacks. Lose 5% Fury every second. Total Fury is 100. DMG dealt with Specials increased by Fury %.
      • Blood Magic
        • Blood Magic legend set no longer drops
        • When Blood Magic set and Blood Magic Mythic Affix are used together, only Blood Magic Mythic Affix will work.
        • New slot independent Mythic Affix: Blood Magic - Replaces all MP, MP Regen, and MP Leech with HP equivalents, and removes your MP bar. You now use HP to cast spells. Spell cost doubled. DMG increased by HP Missing divided by 1.25
      • New slot independent Mythic Affix: Balance - Averages your Total HP and MP to the same value. Reduces DMG Taken and Resource Cost by 50% of your current HP/MP equality %
      • New slot independent Mythic Affix: Discordance - The cooldown, mana cost, and damage for Primary and Special skills of your Main Hand are switched. All Main Hand Cooldowns, Mana Costs are reduced by 25%, all Main Hand DMG is increased by 25%.
      • New slot independent Mythic Affix: Alchemy - Losing HP or MP reduces HP or MP depending on which is highest. Gaining HP or MP restores HP or MP depending on which is lowest. +%DMG dealt is equal to your lowest current HP% or MP% while +%DMG taken is equal to your highest current HP% or MP%
      • New Head Slot Mythic Affix: Desperation - On casting a spell that you don't have enough resource for, gain mana equal to your MP Regen
      • New Head Slot Mythic Affix: Serenity - Restore 1% MP on critical hits
      • Changed Head Slot Mythic Affix: Harmony - Whenever you restore HP, gain 25% of the HP gained in MP. Whenever you restore MP, gain 25% of the MP gained in HP.
      • MP and HP Regen epic affix max range increased to 1000
      • Luck and Gold find epic affix max range increased to 75
      • Element Dmg Legend affix min range reduced to 5%
      • Weapon Dmg Legend affix min range reduced to 5%
      • New Affix - Perseverance: reduced damage from DoTs by 10-50%
      • Min affix on resist crystal affix lowered from 75 to 25
      • Empyrean now deals 50% Damage from 100% Damage when you cause an elemental critical
      • Redirect reworked to add both your dodge and block to your reflect damage stat ( includes dodge and block buffs )
      • Crystal Affix now follow the rule of being no more than 3x max range of their Epic equivalent
        • Attack Speed, Resource Cost, Crit Chance and Reduced CD max range reduced from 50 to 45
        • Crit Damage max range increased from 200 to 225
        • MP and HP Regen max range increased from 2000 to 3000
        • Total HP and MP max ranged reduced to 100 from 75
        • Gold Find and Luck max ranged increased from 200 to 225
        • Dodge max range reduced from 50 to 30
        • Block max range reduced from 50 to 45
  • Bug fixes
    • Diffusion now properly spreads damage to minions, amount reduced from 2.5% to 1%
    • CS19 can now roll entire range of appropriate sets
    • Rock back now properly knocks back
    • Fixed DPS calculation discrepancies between Compare Window and Stats screen
    • Item Comparison should show increase/decrease more accurately
    • Boomerang now only throws 2 Chakrams at max attack speed
    • Fixed issue with Whirling Blades benefiting too much from Living force, and naturally having more damage on return
    • Fixed issue with Throw-related spells benefiting too much from Ballista
    • Fixed issue with Guided Shot benefiting too much from Piercing
    • Ensuring that Mirror Images cannot kill their own masters
    • Blind immunity should function properly now
    • Fixing damage multipliers for both Defiant and Blood Magic ( was causing unintentional damage spikes )
    • Empyrean's damage is now mitigated properly
    • Blind is no longer prevented by Stun Immune
    • Fix for Fear, Taunt, Blind, and Knockback for Player Characters
    • Fixed some issues with Blink Strike teleport
    • Sorcery now properly boosts immolate
    • Fix for some talents on legends
    • Fix for Pets leveling and can now level from 99->100
    • You will be able to see Pet Level progression updated when viewing inventory
    • Fixed issue causing Bad Affix on pets
    • Fix for bonuses from Legend maps not resetting properly
    • Dodged and Blocked hits will now properly be added to the hit table Seeking bolts will no longer seek to targets already hit
    • Animations that cast skills other than their original spells now have their animation times scale to the intended speed

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