Patch 2.1 Preview - Part 1


When I say not far I’m totally guessing based on past record. ETA of project is something we as tester won’t know. Because we are just tester and not company employee.

Outside of that field I’m also a normal player.

So take it as I’m speculating based on past record.
Just keep lurking in forum and wait for good news :smile:


Click the link in my first question on it. You said “Naw. looking at past record. when DQ release a preview. means the date is not far away. unless some grave error comes up.”

Edit: Your edit makes my post strange haha. I know it is just speculation :slight_smile: For me though I don’t know if in the past it takes 1 week or 6 months between preview and release. I will just do my own research and make my own guess I suppose :slight_smile:


Sorry couldn’t find my last post. Suddenly found it.

Ye I’m thinking not more than 3months. Because someone said 3months lol. But don’t take my word for it.



just curious why in fortunate it writen to go beyond cap while in treasured there is no beyond cap. ad i remember cap for eternal & crystal legend find is 5%. and so if i use eternalized set at rank 5 it will increase chance by 250% whichis mean i have by now is 3.5% does that mean if i have trasured perks i will only get 1.5% and another 1.5% wasted.? just asking tho, so i can consider what should i pick first lol.


There is no cap. We get 550% Eternal/Crystal Legend find.

There will be another stat page dedicated to loot stats where you can see these.

So what's gonna be your first 2.1 Perk?

kk. thanks.


Nice ! I’m really looking forward to this update !


do you know when 2.1 come out, about a month?


…did you read any of the last 20 posts? They don’t know and/or won’t say. It will come out when it’s ready.


Update Guild and war bosses

Indonesian player


You better forget that :stuck_out_tongue: Won’t come anytime soon lol.


Will the new patch fix the display error on the stat page?


Great idea, deeply.
What is you there he(it) of the addition of a software of language? I speak French, I am sure that I am not the only one (I am sad on quite a lot of translation).
This software would allow to widen your community, because this game really deserves to be to play by a lot of people.
At first, French, Spanish, German and Italian should be added.

Thank you for your attention
PS : I support your proposed novelties.



Even though I’m American, +1.


Adding other languages will make more people can play easier


Well from what I have understood from Apple form other country’s. India an south Africa an Russia. That even with there native language . English is a second language. Don’t get me wrong I know there is a lot of pple that don’t speak English. An having other languages would widening the community. But for those there would have to be different forums just for them. An well that would be more mods. An more work for the devs since they would have to get patch notes translated in other languages. I’m sure there would be more money for them as well.Lolz


Re completely. After there is a lot of game or the community of another created country a Forum a Facebook etc. To share information between nobody speaking the same language. Well, in everything the cases more players will bring back more money to the company(society). SyR

Sorry for my english (tanks you traductor) lol


Well most of the games that has other languages other than English is a large company. Shinybox is made of only a few. Also they start off in other languages. An well since English is the most spoken language of the world. I love my DQ community best I’ve seen yet. So once you start putting in other forums for different languages then the information of questions asked would be more rampant of the same questions an well. No one has got time for this. DQ has over a million downloads an it’s still going good. I support the small companies like DQ. 1 it is American based an 2. There more about a game they would love to play then some company who is out just to make money.


@SteigerBox plss i want to be a dq tester


Don’t we all lolz.