Patch 2.1 Preview - Part 1


OK. To finish this discussion DQ IS GREAT COMPANY. I would just like that he can integrate of other language into the game to facilitate the understanding of items, utility to destroy objects etc. Later each of the communities will have his(her,its) ideas to share in his(her) language(tongue) the information In brief. Let us return about the new patch. I looks forward to him(it)
Thank to speak with me AntiKhrist


Aightly then. Guess you need the last word. But I gotta say seems like you can read an write English just fine. As well does everyone else. On another note I can’t wait to see the next preview of patch 2.1


Translator… Can’t you tell?


Very excited about the patch and the Hireling bug fix? I was wondering if there could be some sort of option added for a brightness slider… some maps in game are just ridiculously hard for me to see on.

They are either super dark (can’t see walls unless I am standing on them, basically just use the map view overlay to navigate)

or the enemies are the same color

Not sure how difficult it would be, Thanks Guys


Yes… I use translator. I m sorry.
Go to the next preview of patch 2.1 :smiley:


C’est bon. :smile: Je comprende votre probleme. J’ai joué un jeu déjà, et c’est Japonais. Je suis Américain. C’est difficile. Pour maintenant, seulement utiliser la traducteur. :blush:

(It’s good. I understand your problem. I’ve played a game before, and it is Japanese. I am American. It is difficult. For now, just use the translator.)

J’ai pris cinq classes Français déjà.

(I have taken five French classes before.)

And I’ve forgotten quite a bit of it already… :sweat_smile:


Nope sure cant. I got friend’s in the other countrys. Never would have thought to ask if they use a translator.


You can tell by the articulation. Words are out of place. Simple. :laughing:


That really dont mean they use a translator. Indian dude at the store miss use an misplace words all the time lolz.




hahaha my eager to test and play this is getting higher and higher lolz. im so excited xd


In terms of the game mechanics, I think Dungeon Quest has already done an exceptional job, the game has one of if not the best and most complex ARPG system in the mobile game market, the next move in my opinion is to focus on polishing the game and adding more contents instead of mechanics, improve on aspects where Dungeon Quest falls short on.

Things like new mobs with interesting abilities, more variety of environment, floors and levels are what Dungeon Quest really needs in future updates, I mean we’ve been slaughtering the same mobs over hundreds of repeating floors since the game first came out, it’s time for something new, maybe an extra act? Or even a real map like in Diablo and Path of exile, not just repeating floors that vary only in colours, just something to think about.

The game can also use some detail improvements.
For example I noticed some weapon swings don’t have trails, such as whirlwind.
And weapon strikes overall simply don’t feel very impactful(except hammer), I think it has something to do with weak sound effects, because there is only one sound effect that loops with exact same interval regardless of your attack speed, number of enemies hit and all that…

General improvements that needed to be done such as sorting in stash. I don’t get it why is this even missing, why bags can be sorted but not stashes? Doesn’t make any sense. Fixing little things like these can really go a long way in terms of improving the overall experience.

I hope the suggestions are helpful! :smiley:


Super psyched for this feature, especially for the Dealer perk. I miss having value for the trash loots I get.


I’m very excited for this update!
Hope there will be Like Clans to Join and sharing or like buying and selling your items in the game… Please include also trading system like buying item to other players with exchange of Gold from your inventory or swapping your own item to other players items… Thanks Dungeon Quest! more Power!


Thank you for the feedback :smile:


Doubt any of those will happen, besides probably the guild feature. The game is supposed to be offline-centric, and any trading involved will detract from that aspect.


This game has a lot of potential. mybe not in the next few patches but who knows… let’s just continue supporting the game so we can have more content and updates in the future ^^


This is more or less THAT UPDATE if this pushes through. Those perks are really great in a gameplay aspect.


Not to mention that online trading between players might worsen the cheater/hacker problem that’s already a bit of a problem. Allowing players to trade items or gold with each other will make it much more complicated to identify the wrongdoers, and probably imbalance the game more so than now.


can we also have more mobs like you know…since this is a dungeon…why not make OP DRAGON BOSSES or something haha. just wondring. maybe even include dragon pets or a phoenix or leviathan or… sorry random thoughts :slight_smile: