Patch 2.1 Preview - Part 1


Ah, you talking about that place filled with Clogon-build clones, Guidedshot campers and Blinkers? No worries, the testers aren’t having much of your so-called “advantage”. In fact, the arena will be more balanced in a way that it will be easier for everyone to beat these wryly common builds I mentioned above.

Only active testers who ever made it to the top in eternal, if I recall correctly, are me and Shay though I’m not there anymore because it’s not built for AI use and I got bored and I’m not participating in arena matches anymore. I’m not even using stuff from the new patch lol (except a certain eternal item which got a changed vanilla affix)

Also, many of the testers are casuals, so it’s not like they can get the new legends found at the highest floors and highest difficulties even if they wanted to.


Part II coming soon! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

JK… I have no idea.

But What I do know, is that I will be using a bunch of +XP gear for these ascensions.


Only a few of the ascension interest me, honestly. I’m gonna grind for two or three, then just casually go with the last ones.


I already have three sets of Exp gear at level 20, 50, and 100 so im set there, and i have almost made an extra build to carry a hireling of any level… So im ready :innocent:


YES!! THANKS ALOT for making sure you answered that question! ;).


Oh and I thought of new way to start off. Ascend by choosing enshrined then start off wjth whatever the game guves you and keep refreshing loading screen until floor has exp shrine for 300% effectiveness. The exp boost will have already got to its cap and then zi can farm continously for exp without too much effort except have build with exp gain. To make it even better, have exo boost from watching ad and boom level 50 in ajiffy. Level90 will be in a jiffy as well.


With proper gear and skills, ppl can do 1-50 in an hour :smile:





another thing i’d like to ask:

have you guys already done a fix in the upcoming patch for the bug in which items located on higher floors can be found on floors lower than where you should be able to find them (i.e. glinting slicers, unreal hoods, boundless caps, etc.)? if so, is the fix similar to that of BM mythic head pieces (i.e. serenity and desperation)? i ask this lest my crystalline/eternalized/mythical items be converted into something else…

also, just noticed that there doesn’t seem to be a perk that increases item drops. would it be OP to have +ID% as a perk or are you guys working on making it happen?


Hey! The item floor condition bug and the Mythic naming problem will get fixed in 2.1.


1 month hype isnt it too much? :frowning:


need some more patch 2.1 preview or plz inform when will update
i really look forward to the update!!


I agree!
I haven’t been playing for a full month but January has come and gone and no 2.1. I understand there is a lot of red tape when pushing out new patches via apple/Google stores but this is just a let down. At first I thought it was a fun deadline type situation to get into eternal league since I didn’t know if arena was reseting to a new season or not. Once I finished that, I thought, “it’s cool. Now I have some time to prepare my cs/ms stash for new builds in 2.1”. I could always use more if both but I’m sitting on a lot more resources now than I used to get into eternal (granted bandwagoned and taking the cheap path) so I feel prepared. Being prepared and having nothing else to really do has led to a loss in desire to play. I still farm in my free time but since it is all the same things with no actual information on what is to be changed in 2.1 as far as current builds and skills I don’t want to build anything. Building, crafting, and tweaking are the most enjoyable parts of the game to me so sitting idly is killing me.


can developers make this update available on gingerbread too? it seems like i can’t update my game version to, so i hope the next version will be available on my phone, thanks


I tested it yesterday, I nailed 1-99 in 10hrs. No boosts, not even equipment boosts. That’s with an indefinite amount of breaks involved, as well.


But remember, each ascension is supposed to have increasing experience tiers:

1x exp to reach Rank 1 Ascension
2x exp to reach Rank 2 Ascension
3x exp to reach Rank 3 Ascension
4x exp to reach Rank 4 Ascension
5x exp to reach Rank 5 Ascension
6x exp to reach Rank 6 Ascension

TOTAL = 21x exp, which is the equivalent of getting to level 99 on the same character 21 different times.

Even at 10 hours per 1-99, that’d be 210 hours!


Then again, it only takes 50 levels to get back to your normal gear, which is relatively easy. I did 1-50 in about one and a half hours, for legend ascension.

51-99 is the challenge, and is completely another matter.


ocenyx can u write the berserker set affix discription. if it not a secret anymore,


Can’t wait till 2.1 comes out… So excited about it! I even lose the passion to play now…


Yeah share the knowledge across the board verses certain people having privy info. That just leads to builds being preplanned and “released” on opening day of the patch. This creates the same forum drama that we have now where people only respect the creators of the builds and everyone else are bandwagoners.