Patch 2.1 Preview - Part 1


just telling you all… i got i think a perfect build that i will start when 2.1 coming… i think i gonna be shooting my way to eternal league sooo fast… hehehe… but of coz… that was for me… al calc is perfect… estimated it over 8 trilion… but just wait and see… if ant nerf coming…


Okay… w/e braggart. Your “build” really shows up and it will really get a nerf. Arena games are never intended to have damage like that.

Unfortunately some sets are still in development, we’re only limited to spoil a very few

content on finished features



no no no… no arena of coz… lol…


So for the enrished assendent, can the shrine effect like exp gain go beyond cap?


^ for that matter drop/luck shrines as well, useless to those geared to max cap (other than hunter ring procs ofc)?

Some searching found this answer:

  1. you can check on the stats page. Difficulty, Shrine buffs and Equips use the same cap.


When will it release :frowning: can wait :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


Any updates for the next patch? How is it? Can you rate it how many % is done?. Thanks. (Y)


Still waiting for part 2. Wish the fixed the bugged cartographers, imps that can pickup items that are super near the walls.


Has there been any word on 2.1 release date? I haven’t bothered playing in the last week so I might have missed something.


No update until now haha


Oh wow Sad I have just read this update recently, I just made my final hunter ring >.<


Hi i have a problem with the bought of ascension I, after i click on “Purchase 5 000 000”, “Dealer” appeares the message “Not enough space to unequip gear! Purchase Gold Pack”. What i have to do???


Just clear up some inventory spaces (8 at least) and try it again. :slight_smile:


But I think the Purchase Gold Pack is a bit misleading!


All the items were be destroyed after the Ascension??? i have some Cyan items, what you recommend to me after the Ascension? :slight_smile:


Yeah, the bug is noted.


No. Everything stays the same (except your character level ofc). :slight_smile:


Items would get deleted so thats why they added the feature so you cannot ascend unless u have enough inventory space and enough need to respond. Just sayin.


Could you stop necro posting please? It’s kind of confusing if someone suddently answer a post from 1 months ago.

Stop spreading wrong information around. They won’t get deleted. It wouldn’t make sense if a lvl 1 ascended character can start with his lvl 100 equipment.