Patch 3.0 - Patch Notes


Uh… devs, can’t you mark as found the eternals I already have in my inventories?


3hours for 1upload/download omg crafting some items now takes days its hard for us u know… its ok if 3 upload/download for 3 hours but 1isnt right u know… specially​ when socketing obsidian in a Rare item…


That’s really the purpose of this new feature. LIMITING THE DOWNLOADS to PREVENT ABUSING/EXPLOITING the loophole of the game. So, yeah EXPLOITERS Goodluck with that Lol.


Upload/download exploits where a form of cheating and are entirely pointless with good farm builds so the system was purposefully implemented to heavily disincentivize abusing the upload/download system :slight_smile:


I already kill 50 yellow enslaver floor 400+ and spawn legend enslaver but it doesn’t drop legend pet. Is that some kind of bug…???


Yes Hopefully this gets fixed.


lucky I only buy 1 hour monster boost for testing this feat…


Lucky . I’m lucky I didn’t get it yet but thanks for letting me know.

Contact or PM Tdaniel about this . I wish them luck on fixing the bug but I have no clue as to how it happens. I think that’s the email of I’m correct.


Sad to here the legend enslaver giving normal pets is a bug :cry: I lost 3 ledgend pets perhaps one eternal.


No this is not a bug legend enslavers drop normal pets and are simply a step towards killing a mythic one for an eternal pet sorry for the confusion :slight_smile:

Legend enslaver no legend pet drop 😭😭😭

OK.That make sense :yum:


:smile: :+1: glad to help clear it up it caused some confusion during testing as well


But when we kill Legend enemy it drop legend weapons, even it only say will spawn mythic enemy and doesn’t say will drop legend weapons…??


That’s kinda sad, but good to know bc I won’t be disappointed. Thank


The reason legend enemies drop legendary gear is because they are legend tier this guarantees a legend drop the same thing applies to legend enslavers they are another type of legend tier enemy and will have at least 1 guaranteed legend drop this drop however is not the pet :+1:


I’m Sad but also happy…
Sad for red enslaver only drop legend weapons…
An happy coz just found 2 eternal pet…
This is my first time getting 2 eternal pet in one hour boost… :smile: but 0 legend Pet :frowning:


Lol nice find :smile:


Oh ok. That’s interesting. Not broken indeed.


Pls dont fight… Hahahah


Like Tyron, I view this as cheating. If the developers wanted you to be able to redo rolls, they would give you the ability to do so, as they do with some crystals. They would give you a way to cancel using the obsideon/amethyst/ruby. They would set a way to use Kyanight to remove a Crystal affix you don’t like, but they decided to keep a balance in the game, we would not have this ability. To circumvent the restrictions they give you in game, is cheating.