Pet and Item Farmers thread

After farming for 3hours with Monster Spawn this is all I got 6Slime almost half of all the pet I farm still nice loot for 3hours of game play


ther is no Eternal Pet haha ;p , but alot of slims lolz

I got this Rage yesterday night by finished Feat 150 Slaves .

can i ask you question? how did you got 6 slims quickly in 3 hours monster spawm ? did you farm this low floor?

@coldblood kinda unlucky tho even if im using (6) enternalized btw nice loot you got there

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yes im spammer at floor 2 m3 :wink:

Lolz i got 2 Eternalize helm and Lane + 2 Nadroji with bonus affix and 1 Faun’s Gift + 1 Pet with luck affix. i spent most time farm floor 500 and above. and just farm everything.
Hey Eater are you good pvp build? give me some advice plz ;p.

I still need some pets,mostly Merlin’s Imp.

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me too im looking for that pet. hope we got lucky…

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Lolz I have been farming for that pet too. It’s hard ;p

im now aiming for 1000 floor to loot some eternalized ring and amulet
sure I will once I have a time :slight_smile:

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you guys aiming for merlin if im not mistaken you have a higher chance to get it at 500+ floor


True ! ;p

did you max the item drops? :slight_smile:

Wow, in 3 hours I’d just find some useless legendaries and maybe 2-3 crystals\eternal items.
(expecially now after the last changes)

Build ?

I only have 40 Itrm drop

my build is semilar to this.

Is everything all the same? Nothing has changed ? Only floor 2 / pet

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yes I only change my skill to scalp

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I’m at Floor 1782,still no Merlin’s Imp.

Got Ascension IV though!