Please help! My messaging system won't open! I can't get my Christmas vanity because of this

Please help me. i can’t open my messaging system. Everytime I open it, it only goes into the loading phase and then it won’t open. I tried reopening it a couple of times. I can’t get my Christmas Vanity because of this.

Try to reinstall, it worked in my friend

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I’ll try, thanks for the help.

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I tried mate, still won’t open

First I’d check to make sure you’re at the most recent version of the game. If that doesn’t work, I’d contact support to see if they can help. :smile:

Thanks Mr. Developer. Any updates regarding my problem? I already have updated mine to the latest version of DQ available on the appstore but the messaging system still cannot open.

I have the same issue on my nexus 7… All up to date etc.

Any ideas to fix please

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Same issue here, envelop says 2, press it and it says “connecting” but after a few seconds nothing. Verify I can log into my account and sync my save, so it’s not a connection issue. Cleared out cache, uninstall game, reinstall… still no go.

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I haven’t even receieved the envelop yet. Lol. Still gonna wait tho.


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Mr. Devs, we guys are on the same page here. Any progress in making our messaging system work?

Already got mine because im old player?xD

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maybe some player not recieve it yet because they are bad boy.? not in santa list lol.


Maybe a connection problem?

Btw by that time that their giving that holidays vanity i was like whole day online maybe thats the reason i received mine? Hnaaahhhh lol

same, i online almost all time. make it to always sync lol. cant beat that hype,

I played this for almost 1month and playin it almost whole day, and im not facing any problem like them haha how s that? Lol
@cronos4321 ur warrior is hard to beat haha


We are sending out the vanity message each do so there will be plenty of chances to get the Holiday Skins before the end of the the year.

Here are some general tips for the messaging system:

  1. You MUST have a Battle Arena nickname
  2. You MUST be connected to our DQ Account System

An easy way to verify this on your device:

Start Dungeon Quest
Press the “DQ Account” button in the lower left corner of the Main Menu
Press “Upload”

This will make sure your info is on the DQ Account server and you are “connected”

On the Main Menu press the “Battle Arena” button
Enter a nick name if that screen appears
Return to the Main Menu and check your messages again.

Thanks for playing and Happy Holidays!


oh that, its just frustating build as the name is frustating. when u face it are u frustating when u hit but he keep healing.? hehe

I already had the holiday skin, i looked at my msg coz of the color red #2 at the top of msg pop up and i received it again. Hows that?

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So frustrating dude i took me 27sec b4 beating ur frustrating -.-

U must be using fire element. (just guessing)