[ PVE Poison Enchantress Build] 14 Sextillion DMG, floor M3 3,500

I’m taking a short break from this game and I want to contribute to the community
before I disappear. This is the same build that I’ve used for floor hiking and the same build
that I used to hit that highest damage in PVE since DQ v2.0.

Usually I would explain stuff as I have done in my previous builds. But due to time constraints
I’ll just leave this here and I’m sure other players will be able to assist you should you have
questions about the build. I’m looking forward to someone tweaking this and achieve more.

This build is specifically designed to play at very high floors.
Just run towards carto by using charge and apply arcane debuff.

Here’s the Enchantress


I’ll have to update the content once I have time. But here’s the changes i’ve made so far since 4.5 update

+10 Stealth -> 10% stealth proc
+10 Stealth -> 10% all proc
100% blight -> 25% torrent proc (optional)
Brutal -> Exposed
deadeye talent -> darkness
OH skill stealth -> smoke bomb
dagger -> bow (with barbarian and GC) w/ whirling blade special skill. Yup pierced!!!
45% CD reduction -> 30% dodge if you plan to climb higher floor becuase high floor is more about hit frequency and triggering crushing blow than critical damage

Here’s the screenshot and video of the highest damage i’ve recorded
This was recorded prior to DQ v2.4 where crushing blow damage color was changed
Played at floor M3 2,000
A lot of people might ask if this was damage due to crushing blow.
It’s not, you will see in the video and you’ll know once you play using this build.

Here’s what I’m using for my toon. Max dodge and block with farming affixes so
you’ll still get good drops and gain gold.

If you have no idea what i’ve done on this build refer to these guides


Enjoy the hiatus:)

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This seems to be related to a Toxic/Poison bug that was fixed a few patches later. Basically it allowed exponential growth of damage from Toxic triggering off mobs that were already Toxic’d over and over.

The fix was that enemies can only be Toxic’d once. :slight_smile:


Amazing .that will be my build soon as long as I can

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That fix was applied on the same patch the new sets including Arcanist and Element was released. This build was created and the recording was done after that fix. And I’ve been playing this build up to the newest patch and im still seeing the same result

It was fixed a few times, first fix didn’t kill the bug all the way. I’ve yet to see anything crazy like 14 sextillion damage that wasn’t either some recursive/exponential toxic or poison issue, or crushing blow at a super high floor (partly why crushing blow was recolored).

If you can reproduce this on the latest build, I’d love to see it (and fix it)! :slight_smile:

Hmmm, that makes sense. Mobs at floor 2000 or 3000 still dosnt have enough HP to to deal sextillion dmg thru crushing blow. But it’ll keep an eye on it.:slight_smile:

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Hello f00kee ! Is it able to roll Epiphany and Eternalize on Ring and Amulet ?
Sorry my bad eng.

Glad to see you tweak it a little Sir Landz @f00kee I wish you’ll have a great vacation in behalf of all AS :smile:


No, you can only get those via drops

I mean how u put Mythic skill on these affiixes and is there anyway to put them together i mean. I got some drop Defiant and Epiphany but hpw to but mythic skill on them. ;p

@SteigerBox Here 9 sextillion damage. I’ve seen septillion damage with this build, but i cant sit here all day and record my gameplay:grinning:. Im using exact same bulid DQ v2.4

Uploading Video… highest damage @3:09


If you could PM me the email of the account you used, let me know what floor you reproduced it at, and upload your account, I would greatly appreciate it!

sent you a pm in slack

Thank you! Found at least one more issue using your characters and poison/toxic overwrites :sweat:

Normal damage application numbers were around the millions and most a few billion. Found a reproduction that took about 30 seconds where damage would all of a sudden spike to the sextillions, which is definitely a bug.

After fixes I can’t reproduce sextillion normal damage numbers any more, so I hope it’s fixed… but to be fair I thought it was fixed before so we’ll have to test more :slight_smile:

Still a strong build! But if anyone finds numbers like these again, please let me know!


Sure, glad to help. Hopefully it’s fixed :slight_smile:

This build’s still a beast at high floor even without hitting sextillion damage.



@SteigerBox its fix now? So the dmg from the vid is.now.impossible to attain w/ such build?

the fix will be applied on the upcoming patch I guess. So, for now everything is as is.

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Can i see your “AI settings”?