PvP Damage Reduction / Prevention

I wanted to provide information for all players to understand PvP damage / prevention.

First off I need to make sure everyone knows that Damage reduction / prevention is not additive, it is multiplicative (you multiply separate damage reduction sources instead of adding them together). This means you do not add together all your damage reduction sources to obtain your damage prevention.

Damage Reduction Example:

–Defiant - 25% (not accounting for missing HP)

–Armor - will assume 2X obsidian / 1700x2
----Armor gear - warrior 250x4 (chest, helmet, ring and amulet give 250 AR each at level 100). Rogue provides 150x4 for AR and Wizard 75x4 AR.

–Resist - will assume 1x obsidian/170
----Resist gear - 100 (Chest 10 + Helmet 10 + Ring 10 + Amulet 10 + Pet 10 + Trophy 50)

–Synergy sets (Example to give understanding);
----> Armor - Plagued 25%/rank (75% with one set) / Battle Mage 20%/rank (60% one set)
---->Resist - Cerebral Vortex is 12.5%/rank or at Rank 3 is 37.5%

Important note: you gain additional synergy above with HP (Plagued 1.75 + Battle Mage 1.60) and MP (Cerebral Vortex 1.375) that is in addition to the damage reduction.

Defiant 1-0.25 = 0.75

Armor 1-(4400x1.75x1.6)/((4400x1.75x1.6)+(20x1000)) = 1-0.3812 = 0.6188

4400= 1700+1700+1000 (warrior gear)
1.75= Plagued at Rank 3 [1+25%x3 or 1.75]
1.60= Battle Mage at Rank 3 [1+20%x3 or 1.6]

Resist 1-(270x1.375)/((270x1.375)+(20x100)) = 1-0.1566 = 0.8434

270= 170 + 100 (gear)
1.375 = Cerebral Vortex at rank 3 [1+12.5%x3 or 1.375]

Overall reduction (If you are not facing eternal bloodless trophy with 20% AR pierce) - not much effect though… If you are facing Eternal Bloodless Trophy with 20% AR Pierce then you Armor damage reduction would become;

4400x0.80 or 3520 Due to 20% AR Pierce

(3520x1.75x1.6)/((3520x1.75x1.6)+(20x1000)) = 1-0.33 = 0.67 (only 6% difference from above).

Damage reduction:
1-(0.75x0.6188x0.8434) = ~ 61% Reduced Damage

There are effects that will make your damage reduction not what is calculated above. If you are not using 3x Perseverance then you will take Bleed Damage on top of your damage reduction. I am not recommending using 3x Perseverance but 2x is typically a good investment. Any critical strike or deadly strike will make your damage reduction much lower. Using Eternal Flawless Trophy will lower the ability of players to Critically Strike you since the critical strike cap is 24%. Exposed and Ruptured mythic also reduce your damage reduction.

If you have any further clarification or understanding questions please feel free to ask. This information should help you to make better decisions about how to decide between damage reduction investments.


Good way to increase AR:
Plagued, Battlemage, Satyrs Spirit. Add 1700 AR or 2x of them. Also 9% AR or higher as epic affix. Hardened talent if you’re warrior with hp stat point and 4+ Strength affix and you can include the 9% AR epic affix.

Lets say your build uses 2× 1700 AR, 75×4 AR wizard gears , 1× 4 Strength , 96% AR from Satyrs spirit from 256% Gold Find , 60% AR Battlemage and 75% AR Plagued.

1700+1700+300= 3700 AR. Strength 4 adds 2k AR so 5700 AR.

5700×1.96×1.75×1.6= 31,281.6 AR. As figured, the more AR the better in damage Reduction.

10000-(10000×31,281.6÷(31,281.6+20×1000) = 3,900.034320302 damage. In total, that’s about 61% damage Reduction alone!

You can also use the protection nature but that’s bugged as far as I know and it’s better using the nature slots for luck or Satyrs spirit.

Good way to increase resist:

Fauns Gift, Cerebral Vortex, SpellSword , Ascendant , Elements and Cerebral Vortex. Realistically, people will use CV and Fauns Gift but you can have the option of Ascendant , spell sword and elements for a build. Also 4+Intelligence legend affix, blessed talent and a possible blessed nature if not luck nature for Fauns gift. However it’s better off using Fauns gift in many cases.

There’s a reason why Larrybird had some success with Ascendant but generally more AR is a better goal.
Also another note is that you have 60+ shock resist on gear if you put the element on chest, hat, ring, amulet, pet and trophy.

150+ All resist + 60 shock resist = 210 Shock resist altogether which is the most important protection value since a majority use shock.

Scenario: 150+ All resist, shock resist on gear , 112 shock resist epic affix , Fauns Gift and Cerebral Vortex. 96% increased Resist using 256% luck from Fauns gift. Also 4+ Intelligence affix. for 200 all resist.

150+200+60+112= 522 Shock Resist. 522×1.96×1.375= 1406.79 Shock Resist. The other resists are 943.25

10000-(10000×1406.79 ÷(1406.79 +20×100)= 5,870.6289498325 damage. The damage Reduced by resist alone was around 42%. Resists do definitely help even if you didn’t plan on using Satyrs spirit build as not every build needs that. Sometimes better with more HP and attack with some reduction, combined with AR of course.

Other ways to reduce damage and add to overall damage Reduction: Hyper Armour , Defiant, Deadly Arts (for the damage build, it can actually give a lot of reduction but also for the purpose of deadly arts) , Pathfinder (not usually worth it but it does work with dodge) and Permafrost with MP Absorb .

Perserverance is also a great choice for damage Reduction and usually a no brainer for dot reduction. With high enough dmage reduction, even just 1× 40% damage Reduction can reduce dot to 80% damage reduced or more and 2× 40% Perseverance for even more. It’s easy to see why you can make player deal 0 bleed, 100 bleed or 1000 bleed but not much bleed whatsoever. It definitely makes fire and poison useless sometimes.

Blistering will especially be affected far worse than normal bleed since fire can be nerfed by 40% from perserverance but the bleed from nerfed fire dot will be nerfed by a further 40% so basically more than 70% reduced damage or so to bleed.


Faun Gift (3) gives 12.5%/rank of Luck on Gear to Resist and HP. This means if you have 2x Luck Obsidian at 225% each plus 6x luck nature then your total luck would be 106%+150% or 256% luck x 37.5% which would become 2.56x0.375=0.96+1 or a factor of 1.96 for your HP and Resist.

If you had the faun combo I listed above your reduction would be as follows;

= 1-(610x1.375x1.96)/((610x1.375x1.96)+(2000))

Important Note: Faun Gift from above will also increase HP by 1.96 :scream:



:joy: too much CV will OverRule Arena


Cerebral Vortex is being fixed by the next patch. :+1:


Thanks for what you give me yesterday. I tweaked, changed some Set Affix and I got 97% DMG Reduction and then I got 121k HP and 720 Power in Arena.

What a surprise is, I can kill the trio (Immortals) with only 10 Rounds not like before I need to draw till 16th to 18th Round. :blush:

I can also kill tanks without too much draws not like before. I guess that Im a tanky and a hitter right now. :blush:

P.S Immortal builds are already 5 at Arena Div 1 :joy::joy::joy:

But still, only the trios are the toughest.


Resist is better than Armor :+1:

Makes me happy. I never claimed immortal but am glad you defeat them. I stopped PvP several weeks ago.

If there is any way I can help you just let me know please.

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Great post, thank you for that :slight_smile:.

That is not entirely correct. DoTs (Fire and Poison DoT, Bleeds) all depend on the attack’s damage after damage reduction, and therefore they are inherently reduced correctly by that damage reduction. Perseverance just gives you an additional way to reduce this special type of damage.

Same as above. Crits, Deadly Strikes and Exposed/Ruptured etc. all increase the reduced damage, and are therefore inherently reduced correctly.
This increase however is not respected in the “DMG prevented” calculation - which means that the shown “DMG prevented” value is too low. Especially because Dodge and Block are not respected as well.

Damage reduction thus works correctly on all accounts, the “DMG prevented” value however is an underestimation and can only give you a “feeling” how much you reduce.

If you want to know the exact reduction, there is no way around actually calculating everything ;).


I had written that last part poorly. Thanks for helping me out @Midlumer The intent was to let the players know their damage prevention will vary in matches.


Yeah that’s basically true but you can get more of the AR to get more damage reduction in general but with the sacrifice of Fauns Gift. Still Satyrs spirit builds are definitely doable even for a DPS PvP build. The insane amount of AR% you can get with gold find and having combined with plagued and having lots of flat AR can definitely help you get lots of damage Reduction as a start.

Resist is better as I agree but the issue is that you get much less of it so you won’t get as much of a huge head start as AR. It’s still a good one when you combined with AR and very good with Fauns gift builds in general and popular.

Sometimes this thing build comes out of my mine everytime I farm many crystals.

I wanna try to put


I think this build is too imba due to Armor and Resist multiplier.

But still I end up nothing because I always lack of Crystals especially Amethyst hahahaha

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EDIT : mind

those long post and comment still reading. . .

Eh they’re not long to me

Atlast, the answers i expected for so long :laughing:


Lol. Same here. I knew about some of this stuff due to Mr Scooty and also myself learning the formula.

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I already built the build whixh scooty, jws and Mandel that have been using for Eternal Div.1 Wizard build. But the problem is the difference of my DMG prevented between me and them.

I was just doing these calculations on the weekend in order to reach immortal build formula.
I could have did less work if I’d see this before.

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