[PvP][Rogue] Chakram + Bomb build

Use nature of haste instead luck :slight_smile::slight_smile:
Fast attack means fast cast proc.
More proc on the arena means more chance of winning :slight_smile::slight_smile:

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Thank you for suggestions, I will definitely try them out. I also experiment with the element and tried changing ED+ to second Coat Proc.

I dont have time for hiking floors 700+ since it only gets harder but does not provide any boosts, so I just farm with Flash Fortune build on floors 600+.

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Just stick to 6-7× 5000ED and 2×5000WD
Add 2×PTL
Thats enough dmg for your build.
Change some HP to coat then find a pet with crit chance
and change perseverance to stealth proc

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Crafting and creating build is much more challenging than reaching top 1 :slight_smile::slight_smile:


i wanna thank both of you @Athena and @kajfik000 for this build. one of the best builds for rogue that i have seen so far and it really suits my gameplay. brought me to rank 1 of eternal league. i might try to tweak and improve it somemore. :smile:


I give full credit to @Athena, because she came up with this build and I only experimented with some details.

I recommend you to change +100% Shock DMG to +5000 ED or 40% Perseverance.

Congrats for reaching top 1! :smile:

(Too bad you can win against anybody and being on the top is just about who plays arena more.)

@kajfik000 it’s because new players focus on reaching top 1 rather than creating a build that suits AI playstyle to defend your rank. Damn I miss playing against @Emman’s rogue


Is it possible to create AI that would have a chance of winning? I mean, your AI @f00kee is pretty good, but without Sanctuary it’s pretty squishy.

it would still be squishy even with sanctuary. everyone’s squishy in the arena nowadays.

Yes, perfect example were Emman’s Lock On, clogon’s Timemage and Refia’s Rattletrap . These guys were not even playing in arena but because their AI’s were so good playing against real players they sit at top spots. Emman uses warrior when playing but he switches his rogue when he logs off. Very clever.

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Emman’s rogue was the most annoying because when you think you’ve already won and it only has less than 10% HP it will stealth and goes full HP again and that happens about 3 times during a match.

+1 for sir @Emman’s rogue, your is still the best rogue ^^

procs is better on slow atk speed ^^ try using chacram with procs and dagger with procs ^^

Or Cuong’s rogue. Best AI settings I’ve seen. Took me about 20 tries to finally start beating it.

yeah there are a few players there that are very challenging to play against with the help of their eternal pets with perfect affixes. and we all know where they are now

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Was satisfying to defeat it, knowing it’s gear :wink: Have to say it made me better @ PVP by forcing me to learn new tactics. Cuong’s rogue was a 5 foot thick concrete barrier to Top 3…with barbed wire on top, LOL :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Made a run to 1 tonight and found your toon @f00kee along the way. Have to say she was really well controlled. She hits fast and hard. Warriors must dread her :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Congrats on an excellent build! :+1:t2: :beers:

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Good day sir… im a newbie and i love pvp so much​:grin: btw i have a rogue dagger w/c is now at division 7 eternal league, im planning to switch to chakram, can you guide me about the stats? Should i stick to max power? What build should i do in hero skill point tab? Tnx soo much :v:

Hi @Abaddon. Hope to see your toon in PVP soon!

Good choice in switching to chakram. Boomerang skill is very good at triggering procs. @kajfik000 build described above should be all you need to reach Eternal Div1.

To make it to Eternal Div1 you will probably want at least 40,000 - 100,000 health in arena (1 million - 5 million in health stats). Survivability is very important. I personally put 50% health and 50% power which gives me 47,000 arena health. Heroic skill points don’t count in PvP. The only way to get heroic skills in PvP is to add a +10 skill affix (+10 blinkstrike).

Keep in mind the following:

*Hero & Items scaled down to LV 20
*Damage scaled down by 95%
*Mythstone affix scaled down by 70%
*Stat caps scaled down by 60%
*Natures on equipment are not reduced
*All Talents on equipment are reduced by 80%

Here’s a list of PvP stat reductions.

Best of luck!


Wow! Thank you very much sir @PeaceDog :v: i think i had already seen you at the top 3 just this week i guess cant rmmber , but im pretty sure id already seen ur name​:smile: , ill go respec now and find some myths and crystals… very hard to time the right affix lol… i really appreciate the early response​:wink:

How’s this holding up?