(re)Introduction and questions

Hi to all, I just recently started playing DQ again after a looonnggg time and I don’t know how much has changed. So if you’ll allow me to ask a few questions :sweat_smile:

First, some background. I’ve been playing DQ since 2014 and had a free account but managed to grind my way up until 2016 or 2017 when they first started implementing pvp for a few months iirc but I wasn’t really keen on pvp so I barely touched that lol. Then I had to find work and had to stop playing. But here I am again after 5 or 6 years and wanna get back to it slowly coz I used to love this game and want to try it again. And also since I got a better work schedule now haha. Although I’ve long since lost my account in both the game and this forum coz I was semi-active here before as well but I have no idea what my username was anymore lol.

So as I said, I’d like to ask a few questions. I’m gonna try to search the forums to try and find the answers tho but just in case, I still wanna ask them here so I can get back and get some reference when I need to. So thanks in advance to anyone who can answer :grin:

  1. Were there any major changes in stuff in the game? Like gameplay, adjustments, etc. By that, I mean are there any stuff that I should be noting when playing again? I just created a new acct so I’m still just trying to get my levels up before I try anything too committing so yah.

  2. Did the game become pvp centered now? Or is it still enjoyable to just mostly go for pve for someone like me who absolutely ABHORS the existence of pvp in most games?

  3. Classes and elements. I remember that around that time I was playing that rogue poison and plague builds were some of the only viable options to try taking on much higher floors. So did the other elements have some kind of improvement? I was using a wizard with permafrost and twister/meteor build I kinda made before I stopped playing and I got to 800+ floors iirc but it still paled in comparison to the plague builds. I wanna try to make an ice focused build again since I love ice as an element on almost any game that doesn’t nerf it too much. So the other question is, would ice builds still be viable rn?
    Edit: I just remembered that I had a relatively hard time using my permafrost build because mobs were immune to everything on higher floors so freezing them isn’t as effective and that’s why poison was the only option. So how effective is ice for the immune ones rn then?

  4. And in line with the previous question, would you guys have any suggestions or links or references for “endgame” (I quoted because it’s not completely endgame-ish but you get the idea) builds I could try to make my way on or refer to that are focused on the ice element and possibly using twister/meteor/storm/orb or all of them (with procs I think)?

  5. And finally(for now lol), since I can kinda afford it now, I wanna try getting a hireling or follower or companion char (are they still called hirelings rn?). So with that, are there also any recommended builds specifically for hirelings?

I’m not so sure if people are as active in this forum rn tho but once I somehow get used to the game again, I’ll try to be helpful at least in the future :slight_smile: And all of my questions are for PVE. As I said before, I’m not really into pvp so I hope you understand :slight_smile:

Not a bad idea

Awww it seems like they took down the images and vids for the builds. But those numbers tho. On the other hand, I’m not sure I like using charge. I like filling my screen with tornadoes, storms, meteors and explosions and stuff while having three floating skulls that spit at enemies lol.

But I guess there are some people who post similar builds to this one. Seems like CF is the only go-to for higher floors so maybe I could experiment around that in the future.

To fill up the screen, I think wizard will be your choice. Try to use specialist, Mirrorcast, clearcast, master mythic stone, all proc of different skills, element set affix, trickster set affix, prismatic,reclaim, all skill point 40, Max reduce CD.

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Oh I totally forgot about prismatic. That would be useful for mobs that aren’t weak to my main element. I’m just gonna have to squeeze in cf somehow. And yes, I plan to use wizard for now so thanks! :grin:

for using Crushing Flames with Prismatic Talent or Ascendant Set, make sure both your weapons are Fire and you also have Inferno Set and Amplify Talent. if you use Ascendant Set, you can use Fester instead of Prismatic Talent.

use Ignore Resist or a Crystal +90% Weaken, but not both, as IR cancels the benefits of Weaken and Effective Mythic.

  1. if you want, do a Search on Patch Notes to see what changes there have been over the years.
  2. it’s still focused on PVE, but there have also been some changes for PVP.
  3. Fire: Crushing Flames & Inferno Sets with Blistering. Demonic Set works well with CF.
    Ice: Permafrost & Frozen Sets with Frostbiting.
    Poison: Plagued & Druidic Sets with Blight.
    Shock: Electrification Set with Shock Max affixes and High Voltage.
    Arcane: Ascendant & Arcanist Sets. uses Weaken instead of Critical Hits for placing buffs. need Elemental Damage % affixes, +200% or better.
  4. search the forum, there’s a lot of info.
  5. Hirelings, yes. because Hireling are run by A.I., there are a few Sets and Mythics that don’t work well with them. Farm Affixes, like Eternalized & Nadroji, Luck & Item Drop, for example, only work on the Main. there are Hireling builds for Ascending, Farming, Climbing Floors, and PVP.

2016 was when Perks were introduced. you don’t really need them, but they give huge boosts for Farming builds if you do go for them. there are 6 of them, and Ascending Builds are what you need to get the experience for them.

welcome back!

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Thanks for the reply :grin: I’ve also been looking at some of the topics here on builds and I think I also saw some of your suggestions so I’ll gladly consider them.

I guess if I want to build prismatic I’d have to just focus on 1 type of proc since having twister, meteor, storm and orb procs might be a bit of a waste. And maybe I can try getting aetherial drain for the mp on hit and elemcrit so I can use those slots for other stuff plus bloodmagic and defiant (maybe) coz I used to love bloodmagic and defiant combo before hahaha.

So my theoretical set would roughly look something like:

MH - fire - cf 5 - WD, WD%, meteor proc, crushing blow
OH - fire - inferno 5 - WD, WD%, twister proc
Head - fire - ascendent 5 - +fire%
Torso - fire - demonic 5 - +fire%
Ring - fire - aetherial drain 5 - all set +2, +fire%, cs weaken
Amulet - fire - defiant 5 - all set +2, +fire%, cs weaken
Pet - bloodmagic 5 - something something XD

The set affixes are all jumbled because I already forgot which ones are loot only but you get the idea. Does this look ok tho coz I’m not sure if the sets would be in sync.

Oh yah I remember this one. And people were debating on which order to get back then. I think I just got my char to ascend once since it’s been lvl99 for a while but I never got to get to ascension 2. I think I got dealer first since it gives like 10x selling price for items back then.

Thanks so much again :slight_smile:

there isn’t a Bloodmagic Pet. it would be better if you could find a Pet with Ascendant, Inferno, Pathfinder, or Demonic and use a Bloodmagic Mythic, which can go on any Item (except for Pets).

also, Bloodmagic got a boost in Patch 3.0. instead of 80% of your Health % for damage, it’s 200% of your health %. so if you put a Masochism Set on your Build, it would keep your HP averaged at 50%, which would mean averaging +100% damage! and of course this works great with Defiant (I did a build with this. I messed up on HP Regen & on Hit, so I kept running out of HP). you would probably have to give up on Aetherial drain… just an idea.

for the Proc’s, maybe just have Storm/Twister or Storm/Meteor, with one Master MS to give you a 35% proc chance for both Procs.

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Noted on this. Thanks! Yah I totally forgot which ones had what lol so I just put things there hahaha.

Ooh oki so i could just replace aeth drain for masochist since yah it makes sense to just drop aeth drain when I’m using bloodmagic as a resource anyway. Great news that they actually buffed bloodmagic because I love it anyways lol.

I think I might go with storm/twister since storm’s got knockback now so it would be nice for some survival at least and twister for cc. Noted on the master MS :slight_smile:

And for the stats and hero skills, I’m aiming for power 99 and the usual str,dex,int,fortune all 20 and the rest might be on storm/twister/comet. Tho I’m not sure if I’d replace power for mana for the resist on wizard but I’ll just try power first for better climbing early on.

Just reached floor 200 so now I might start to focus on getting cs/ms or just ascension 1 for the dealer.

I even made a sheet for my builds now coz I’m even more confused now than before :joy:

Right now this is what I have. Now I need to search the codex for which items have exclusive sets/affixes and again I just started again recently so it would take a while to get this all organized haha. Any suggestions and item recos are very much appreciated. And once I finish tidying up, I might make another thread and gladly share this sheet if anyone would be interested in the far far away future for when I finally get to complete this build :joy: :joy: :joy:

And thanks so much again @Golem for the wonderful insights. I hope you guys won’t run out of patience with my questions hahaha

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my builds usually go 100 Power, 8 Health/Mana, 5 Mana/Health. I might go a little lower in Power if I need more in Mana or Health.

depending on the build, 20 in either Strength or Intelligence, 20 in Dexterity, 20 in Fortune (Farm Build only).

I like using +5 All Skills on MH & OH.

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oh oki noted. and I almost forgot to put elemcrit lol although it only goes up to 30%. Now I just need to search which items give that legend affix.

then the rest would just need mix and match and actually farming for the build haha. Thanks again :grinning:

you can roll it with ruby, the Legend +30% Elem. Crit., if you need to. with a high attack rate, 30% is usually enough, for a slow attack rate, 50% or better might be needed.

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oki got this. Thanks!