Rogue hireling pvm build "rocket launcher"

Still learning how to enchant and how affix work together. My current floor is 574ish and my hireling clearing it pretty fast.

Please dont call your build noob if it is maxxed. I just assume you are looking for praise if you do.

-_- ik my build still need work that’s why I call my own build noob lol.

You have 6 maxxed items and every stat is almost maxxed. That is like saying you’re a noob in league of legends because you are “only” master tier.

And please do tell me what you plan to change with this build, because I am sure there is almost nothing you can change that will make it better.

I see and I’m an noob also in lol im only gold 2 -_- “elo hell”. And thanks for the info about my items not needing anymore changes I wasn’t too sure lol…

im pretty sure u have few thing to change.

I think so to but I’m not sure, if you can help with some tip @cronos4321 that will be great.

I wonder how all these ppl can make so much flexible sets with crystals. There was a point where I was playing 10hrs a day and sitll not getting enough crystals…so I changed

Anyways nice set i like it

I been grinding for a while even my main don’t even have a set lol and thanks but the damg isn’t where I want it to be…

1.if u plan to keep reviving ur hireling then dont change that amulets, but if u plan to keep some lil gold. then u should use sentuary.

2.U use ice element. enemy slowed. and have element crit chance. also u use prospulation (knocking back). Freezed enemy cant be knock back. slow and freeze are enough to buy time if the toon already have fast attack. So in here u have 50-50 knocking and freezing. If it me. i would change that prospulation witj remedy. glasscannon above 90% and dont have HP multiplying mean u have less than 3k hp. remedy [20] heal 400Hp per dodge. for some high hp build 400 is mehhh but for glasscannon it atleast cover over 40% hp lose from attacking thorn monster. this best use with stealth or vanish.

3.I never like explode thing lol… if u notice explode attack is in arcane element. Basicly i just hate my attack is different than my equipment element. u can keep 1 affix for explode+crushing blow serounding monster in effect. but the another one probably change into pure damage multiplying. since it PvE/PvW i think u need more speed, Advanturer is 1 damn good set for damage multiplying in pve. u have momentum for damage multiplying from speed. in equiped set, u have around 25-30 m.speed. if u have heroic point in dexterity [20] u have more 10 m.speed if i remember correctly. u see viable value cap for m.speed is 50, but hidden value cap actually is 100. u have now is around 40. with momentum [5] u only have +20% Dmg… with advanturer u have around 62.5 dmg & m.speed when u loot gold… momentum at [5] give u +50% damage from total m.speed. so total m.speed 100 hidden value÷2 = 50. u have half ur total m.speed into damage. another thing is afvanturer and momentum is 2 different set. withis mean the damage multiplying not stacked. it count 1 by 1. for example 1000 dmg + 62.5% = 1625. now u will multiply that damage for momentum. 1625+ 50% =2 437.5 damage… u see with just some change ur damage can be increased more than ×2…

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I see thanks for the tip to bad I’m broke ATM lol. I’m on the same boat as you.

muahahahahaha Crystal is 1 big hell wall u need to climb before u reach what u want. cant say that bad since hardworking will not betray u. while some “smartplayer” play. blindly and just want what they’re exactly want make they lose some experience in testing thing and endup dont have clue how thing actually happen. their smartplay soon betray them. or it actually happen already. lololol

Can adventure be obtain via crystal or is it a rare affix

it can gain through amethyst. but u see each class have around 6 exclusive and around 10-11 global… u need some luck and alot amethyst if u want craft it on current equipment.

I see thanks back to farming… I still have crystal/eternal items to get rid off hopefully they don’t turn into jasper or imma cry lol.
Wait is adventure an exclusive affix or it can be obtain in any class?

any class.

OK thanks FML got +4 Jasper -_-

ghahaha just stay here. in the boat.

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Aha lol but you got some gear I need to catch up too :blush:

idk why im getting more high end Ms than high end CS. lol. headache.