Scooty Gift: Immortal Build Reveal


Is one second of silence really worth it @Golem ?


it’s all in the timing. if you silence the enemy at the right time, they can’t slam you silly while you are smashing them flat. umm, 2 seconds for Silence, 3 and 4 seconds for Root and Slow, but I don’t know which one is which. I have gone up against some A.I.'s that hit me with their Trinket Talent at the wrong time for me, really frustrating.


Did a strange thing tonight. Switched a weapon between characters and in 2v2 pvp. Instant result. I’m so very close to eternal 2v2 league by 30 points


cool. awesome. sweet. amazing. go for the win! my 2v2 is in Legend League, but hope to change that soon. working on a project for the Forum, but it is still in my head. 1 level away from having 1 of each class for PVP, then it is farming for stuff to make them have fun in the Arena.


I’m splitting my diverse characters in half and am going for a 50 immortal build and a 50 critical damage build in both characters


@Golem I have a vague idea about your project. It will work


haha, it is kind of a spin off from another post that I hope will help players with crafting, I just haven’t gotten around to it. I have done part of it in the other post, but I had a dream of doing more, but I only had a Wizard at the time. I just need to spend a few Crystals, keep track of my results, and start a Thread.


I’m looking forward to your post. And to see wizard summoners destroy the arena


Made a discovery today by changing all my characters items natures to one. Life became easier very quickly. Choose your nature’s wizely :blush:


when you get to the point in farming that you have the crystals to change your Items Natures, it makes a big difference in PVE & PVP. I usually have 2 Death Natures to max out my Crit Chance, but lately have been using 3 Luck and 3 Greed Natures to open up 2 spaces on my Farm Gears. Strength and Elements are probably the 2 most used Natures. I believe all level 1 beginner items have Haste Natures (attack speed), which is why you attack slower when you get different items as you level up. there is a description of what the Natures do in the Codex - Dictionary.




Congratulations @dickwad


That’s 2 characters who can hold their own in 1v1 eternal. 4 more to go then I shall find the perfect combination to leave 2v2 mythic league


I just realized, @dickwad is using the Christmas Vanity on the Rogue. that is the only Chrstmas Vanity I like, especially with the Crossed Ninja Blades on the back! it’s like she is saying “go ahead and fight me, and I will give you the gift of defeat”.


I correct myself. I have 3 eternal worthy characters. Sorry to my frosty the snowman :hushed:


You’re doing great @dickwad. Keep up the pace and push through. :muscle::muscle:


@Mr_Scooty almost close. but you still defeat my AI. lol. need to rebuid something. lol :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:


@kiane_zaine it’s all about changing an affix at a time then testing :fearful:



Work in progress