Scooty Gift: Immortal Build Reveal


Introducing Polythene Pam


@dickwad is this build for PvE or PvP?

You can apply emerald stone to legend gears to increase their quality up to 25%

After you level up your gears using emerald stone, you can use fluorite on your Epic affixes to reroll until you get max value (HP 7500, Flat ED 5000, etc)


Pvp @Mrscooty. Thanks for advice


@dickwad that pet. wish i could have those affix for my rogue. although im also using Slime Pet.


I’ve ditched one master and replaced it with another legend proc. Maxed all stats. Playing around with wisdom as a nature.


lowers Resource requirements? I didn’t have space, so I used a few Wisdoms on one of my builds. Natures to the rescue! I took a Legend ED% and one of my Reflect Damage affixes off and replaced them with a +30% Elemental Crit (Legend) and Twister Proc. my boring Reflect Damage Farm Build got a little fun again, but I need a new Farm Build, since I think I am not using Reflect Damage to it’s fullest potential in my current Farm Build.


@Golem I figured that if I’m using blood magic to make my resource hp then lowering the resource cost of spells may help perhaps?


I think reflect damage maybe heightened by a shield wall proc. You could test it with overload? First time I’ve used overload but it’s cool


@dickwad ShieldWall has a Reflect Damage boost that is better than ManaShield, the two together would be pretty good. I thought of that, but I was trying RD out on a Farm Build and didn’t have that much room.

the problem with reducing resource costs with Blood Magic is that it reduces the Damage boost from lower HP with BM. I was thinking of using a Defiant, Masochism, Blood Magic Build with +60% Block & Dodge and Sanctuary. Masochism would be keeping your HP at 50%, which increases the Damage done with Defiant and Blood Magic +37.5 % and +40%. if you get saved by Sanctuary, the damage boost, for a short time, is +47.5% and +72%, getting lower as your HP goes back up to 50% (Sanctuary keeps you alive with 10% HP when it activates, but has a horrible 30 second cool down).

when I was leveling up my PVP Characters with Blood Magic in the equipment, it was tricky having my healing lower Blood Magic enough to do the extra damage and still stay alive. of course, the gears were all level 1, and I think I can do a better job with level 100 gears, so I learned some cool things with Blood Magic.


2v2 pvp mythic division 1 number 18 @Golem arrrgh so close. Sanctuary is good with high regen that the cool down is not an issue. My builds are virtually complete. Just checking out nature’s etc. Trying to find the final piece of the jigsaw :open_mouth:


good job @dickwad. I haven’t done much with PVP, since I now have 3 Characters to make PVP Builds for, and my Farm Build need a serious overhaul to get the items I need. lately, I have been thinking of farming floor 500 for Myth Stones, but my Farm Builds are kind of not good at the moment, and I don’t want to waste Crystals yet.


Id choose at least one eternalized set affix. Eternal drops are cheapest way to get chrystals. After that just block dodge and destruction. If you’ve unlocked most of codex then convert items into dust or gems. Whichever is cost effective. You have all the perks anyway.


hmm, didn’t really think of that. Eternalized Set seemed the weakest of the 3 Sets, but with the Gold I made with a Main and Hireling, that would/should be able to keep up with all the extra Eternals that would drop. I’m focused on using Crystaline for getting more Crystals to drop, but I really messed up doing a test Reflect Damage Farm Build. it works pretty good, at level 110, but floors 300+ start to be a problem. I did a lot of tweaking to make it stronger that actually ended up making it weaker :hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:. I am still crying because of this mistake. :cry: but I learned a lot about RD.


Eternalized set affix. Luck affixes. Some gold drop for the cash. Ephany to raise all caps on everything. Everything else damage to enemies. Satrys another good affix. Wrap and immortal build around it maybe


I think my problem is that I want an all purpose Farm Build. Nadroji (6), Crystaline (5) or Mythical (5) or Eternalized (5) (depending on what I want to focus on), and 4 other Sets if you include the Pet. the Nadroji Bonus, Luck & Gold Find total at +850%, trying to find space for +200% Item Drop. I recently read somewhere that using both Nadroji Bonus ~might~ increase the chances of Enslavers appearing. thank you @Mr_Scooty for the research.


@Golem lol I just realised my rogue only has 10 % critical chance. I think death should be my talent focus :fearful:


Does no critical damage so forget that


:smile: 6 Death Natures will only give you a total of +15% Crit chance. I usually only use 2 to get my Crit chance to 60%. but without Crit Damage, that would be a waste of space.


I remember when I first started playing DQ and figured out the purple numbers were crits, and then I discovered crit damage and deadly strike! those purple numbers got really big! ahh! the easy days of being a Noob. :thinking: then there was when I put Brutal Mythic on my chest item for the first time. so much crit damage!


What I love about pvp is that when you have crafted your characters then you have the challenge of learning how to play your creation to an advantage. It becomes a chess match