Scooty Gift: Immortal Build Reveal


Cool, although… i have my own methods, damage reduction isnt my thing :wink:

Oh and i can deal it back just as well :wink:

Let me know what you guys think my my AI though :grin:

Sooo i stalled a few games…


@Teacup nice DMG though


Stalling is a very useful strategy @TeaCup :slight_smile:


Oh dear I need to level these eternal critters! I forgot I had them :fearful:


how do u get eter pet lvl1?


He farmed floor 2 before the devs changed the feat to require floor 400+


oh i see .thanks


Okay. So basically this is just a method of measuring the size of one another’s phallus. Considering anything made to defeat this monstrosity of a build will inevitably fail against the majority that couldn’t beat it. It all just seems a little ironic and moronic. Clearly the objective wasn’t to proclaim oneself as the best but more so who’d be willing to go out of their way to construct a nearly undefeatable character only to sabotage the others that are willing to play it as evenly and fairly as possible for the sheer excitement of how close some wins and loses can be. What I’d only hope to imgine Dev aimed for when inspired to launch the game.

But hey, this is just an opinion that I’d expect more than none to reject because the, uh… Pride of immortals hang in the balance. Of which anyone with the slightest bit of care could manage to formulate the watered down step by leap, to aimless fall explanation on how to beat something that takes more time accumulating the resources to make than what it’s actually worth.

All in all this just adds an unnecessary reason to not bother participating in the Arena if a person has just found themselves enjoying it. At least dumpster hackers make it painstakingly obvious they’re idiots with nothing to hide.

This however… Is just… Ugh. Not even a word is derogatory enough to describe one’s compulsive urge to win something imaginary.

At least Scooterboy attempted to redeem the fiasco. A couple of credits to rub together for what it’s worth. In the end this immortal crap could take a break. As is boycott the very thing diminishing the value and integrity of the game. Tester, developer or even director. Titles mean as much as the product being sold - and if this is something that’s been mentioned for over a year then perhaps DQ’s creative team need to think of an expansion where all of the above for the past year is the objective.

PS. If this offends anyone…

I forgive you. Furreals.

And just to clarify, the immortal thing phases me the least. I supposed I’m making it my obligation to figuratively voice what everyone else can’t seem to do because of flared tempers and insistent phallus measuring. Just figured I’d rub my pence worth seeing as most concerning this topic have their grandma’s bloomers in a figure of eight knot.

So… Uhm. Enjoy yo’ . I’m gonna go kill some monster like things now. And maybe béech at the immortal I’ll eventually face - to my phone as opposed to those getting a kick out of others failing ams failing again. But not forgetting to make it this homesome forum’s problem. xD

See ya’ freaks, geeks and ladies that fit the criteria. =P


@CupidStunts I had a hard time deciding, but eventually I liked your post. you were all over the place with praise and disdain, but I kind of respect the fact you posted your thoughts concerning the subject of this thread.

the original players who created the Immortal Builds were just wondering what could be done to make an awesome PVP Build for the Arena. when you read the posts, you see that they spent a lot of time and resources doing the research and testing. the biggest benefit for the Arena was it forced players to really do their own hard work to do well in the Arena, hopefully getting past the Immortal Guardians to get First Place in Eternal League. making these builds made getting first place harder, therefore more desirable, for everyone else. sure, there are going to be those players who want to be the Big Dog in the Arena who annoy everyone with how good their build is and how the loser players builds suck. but there are good players who move up and past these players, showing the rest of us what the possibilities are.

DQ Campaign is all about how each player can push past their own limits to see how far they can go: Farming, Climbing, or Ascending. there are Leader Boards for this part of DQ for those who are interested.

DQ Arena is all about players fighting other players characters for First Place in the Arena. yes, this is all about bragging rights, being number one, the Joy of winning difficult battles, the despair of humiliating defeat, the determined comeback from Normal League to Eternal League again.


I must say you worded that well. And executed a fine point with motive. I fully agree with the sentiment - I just don’t agree with a Thread designed to squabble over something that is clearly defeating them. (The non-immortals) that is.

Which is why I gave credit to Scooterboy. It was a sincere thought which I believed he needed to acknowledge. Despite whatever praise and irritability he gets from either admirers or sore losers.

My posts: (although having mentioned the founders or those relatable to the ones who created the immortals) were mainly subjected to those who find it more meaningful to complain and debate rather than compromise and improvise.

Excuse me if I come across brash or if I seem condescending. Text is easily misconstrued and manipulated by emotion. I’m sure Mr. @T.Daniel would agree.

But all is said and done… This is a competitive and relaxing game the only thing that distinguishes it, is how it’s approached. That being said I think I’ve spammed and ranted my fair share for the day. At least you don’t have to deal with my mindfully mindless mindbabble when I log off - me, I live with it. =((


:laughing: I think every game has something that at least one person will squabble over.
@CupidStunts the way you express yourself really catches the eyes of the reader, and although it seems like an aggressive writing style, you have a way of getting a point across that makes an impression that sticks with a person. I say that since my writing style is so different, and I guess I have people who think my style drives them a little crazy. :dizzy_face:


@dontcallmeidol There was a recent time as @TeaCup mentioned that when monster boosted you could find an enslaver on floor two everytime . So some of us purchased monster boosts from vendor and did speed runs on floor 2. So they changed the frequency of enslavers more regular after floor 400. Also I can’t purchase monster boosts anymore. Fair play :slight_smile: A slap on the hand for me. I can still purchase some boosts


Thats a bug, i thing tdaniel already mentioned that hes been working on a fix for some bugs, most seem to be on ios so we’re lucky :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Actually enslavers are very frequent after floor 400 of any difficulty level. I’ve tested. :slight_smile:


@dickwad im curious about Electrocution bonus. without +1 Shock Effect Max? its useless?



Dear goodness – you are the real MVP of PvP. I have not seen match totals like yours in several years. The last one with this many battles in one season was @saintwave. He had around 10-11K matches in season 1.

Congrats!! Truly admired. Keep on pushing and Kill 'Em All!!!


thank you @Mr_Scooty. :smile:


@kiane_zaine I’ve never used electrocution set so I do not know the answer :confused:


Electrocution Bonus: Gain +1 Shock Effect Max. Requirement: At Least +40% Elemental Critical Equipped.

when using Shock Element, every hit puts a Shock Effect Debuff of +12.5% DMG up to 4 stacks for a total of +50% DMG. last about 5 seconds. the 4 items of the Electrocution Legend Set have +1 Shock Effect Max for a total of 4 more, a total of +8 Shock Effect of +100% DMG. if you can get all hits on the target before the first hit runs out of time. Electrocution Bonus would give a 9th Shock Effect for +112.5% DMG Debuff. if you only had the Electrocution Bonus without the 4 Legend +1 Shock Effect Max, then you would be able to get up to +62.5% DMG Debuff on your enemies.


Entry number character 4 into 1v1 eternal division. My far from finished warrior aka Mr Moonlight.