Scooty Gift: Immortal Build Reveal



You placed your fair share of posts the other day and were eliciting my responses. All of your posts were related to the build I shared with the forum, which is why I am responding to your posts in this thread.

To be crystal clear, I requested a nerf to this craft 1.5yrs ago. This was also discussed in the forum for all players and it was agreed the build should not be nerfed, at that time. However, I believe that discussion needs to be revisited.

You should also understand I never claimed “Immortal” and I made that abundantly clear in the forum. The name was given by another player and it stuck. Sometimes other players get to name the builds that are created.

The details on how to create this type of build was leaked to cheaters last year. This reason alone is the entire rationale for this post --> in order to share with the community (I stated that in the very first sentence of this thread).

As far as my time into this build is concerned, I have played 3,105 hours on DQ which is an average of 400 to 600 hours per year since I started DQ. PvP was not released until October 2015. My total time spent playing PvP is approximately 600 hours or ~20% of my actual play time, the remaining ~80% is farming and testing. The time I spent researching, testing and theory crafting this build is negligible in my time above. I also utilized my own crystals, mythstones, gold and personal time for this craft. The developer does not provide us with any extra gold, crystals, mythstones or a secret decoder to help/assist us in crafting. I am a player just like yourself but I also test upcoming patches in order to help the developer find and fix bugs before patches are released.

Overall, your posts were terse but I get it. I had a very long deliberation when I realized the build had been leaked to cheaters. It seemed fair and logical to share the information with all players so everyone knew why and how to make the craft. This craft has caused a lot on angst but I had to weigh that possibility in the decision to share with everyone. Hindsight is always 20/20 right?


I think leaking the build was a great idea @Mr_Scooty. It is a legitimate build which I incorporate into my build creations these days. I do tend to branch out to the point where characters barely resemble the source of inspiration but you will always see a permafrost hat with harmony. You may or may not see any armour . I always have druidic and bonus knocking around. I use blood magic a lot. Some characters sacrifice defence and damage reduction for critical chrystall affixes. My characters Dickwad and Mr Moonlight are more in keeping with your revealed build. Most use apocalypse but not all. Most use procs. I have just discovered overload which I love. All use scalp. When I’ve got all six characters 1v1 eternal hardy then I will rework them all


Oh I forgot storm is very popular with my builds. And all use equality.


@Golem I’m playing Mr Moonlight with basic unedited epic stats and a lot of work to do on it. But its good. This may be the one


Good to know @dickwad

They disabled Permafrost and Bloodmagic combo back in Ver 1.9. MP Absorb from Permafrost will not work with this mythic/set. The regen will work but that would be your only benefit, unless you use ice element.

It’s also worth considering that if you disable this craft from working then it is highly likely the meta would become barrage builds with a few challenging Warrior crafts. I am interested in seeing other comments to see if others want this type of craft disabled / not viable in PvP.


nice, my Epic Wizard is around the Top 85% of Eternal League. it is going up and down like a yo-yo at the moment, so eventually I will need to do some upgrades.


He is storming it in eternal 1v Eternal division. Better than all my other characters. I just to understand why ?


@Mr-Scooty I’m iced based


@Mr_Scooty I use the blood magic for the purpose of the equality set. The greater the damage is created when there is a discrepancy between hp and mp . I’ve only been playing for 15 months so I have no idea of what happened patch god knows when.


@dickwad time for more research on the comparison of your Characters.
@Mr_Scooty I met my first One Hit Barrage Build a few days ago (I had 10k HP, but it was still a shock to get one shotted like that), but the players Character had poor Resource management, so I was able to get close when their Mana went low. I pulled a 3-2 win (made a misstate that ended up in a second death). I have been able to defeat some of the Barrage Builds I have come across, but it seems the deciding factor in my wins or losses was due more to the other players A.I. settings or which weapons I was using. and I haven’t even been using a powerful PVP Build yet, not to mention I haven’t been up to Division 5 Eternal League since you posted your Gift, so I haven’t encountered any of the new builds yet.


@Golem … minion research?


@dickwad I think you said Mr Moonlight is doing great, even better than your other characters, but you didn’t know why. that was the reason for my comparison research post. if it is the Minions, I don’t know, but I bet you will find out. anything you learn will only make all of your other Characters stronger.


No minions on Mr_Moonlight. But I feel an apocalypse coming


@Mr_Scooty aha! back to the top again. i see what you did there! :eyes: you tweak something on your build. :eyes: what about your Black Magic wiz? :smile: im excited to see your wiz again. :smile:


I made a slight adjustment and felt like pushing the pace a little. I have considered bringing that wizard back but it would not be the same build from before.

Push back to the top!! You can do it. I’m still amazed at your match totals😱


@Mr_Scooty i will… that warrior below you. (2nd) kinda hard to beat. :smile: his DMG is annoying… :smile:


Repeat what you just did to that warrior and you will move up. :+1:


One of these days I will catch up with both of you :smiling_imp:


@Golem he is storming up divison. 5 in 1v1 eternal league.minions are back with a vengeance .
Not a even added my affixes to the build


yeah join us @dickwad and @Golem. div 3 up to div 1 is the most hostile environment on Arena. :smile: