Scooty Gift: Immortal Build Reveal


@kiane_zaine I’ve noticed that the players in mythic div 1 2v2 are the same that I face in eternal 1v1 division 5… but there’s bloody 2 of them. Nightmare :cry:


My Mr -Moonlight is now 77 place in 1v1 eternal division 4 . Hallelujah :slight_smile:


@dickwad keep it up. :smile:


Thanks @kiane_zaine the character isn’t finished yet by a long way so I’m hopeful.


Hey @Golem been testing my warrior with apocalypse instead of cosmiorb. 6 furies in arena regularly :wink:


that’s so cool!..wait a moment…that means if I meet you in the Arena, there are going to be 6 Apocalypse Furies pounding me into mush? :scream: :ghost::ghost::ghost: :skull_and_crossbones: :ghost::ghost::ghost:


Lol 6 monsters doing critical damage with high hp etc :slight_smile: Don’t worry it doesn’t happen 50 % of the time :smiling_imp:


I’ve run into some good Minion Builds with them being tough to kill. my builds are weak in that area, but that just means I have room for improvement so I can become a Ghost Buster! RIP :ghost:


Lol I met an apocalypse build the other day in 1v1 eternal and I thought holy crap. It was a good fight.


@Golem dauntless against summons. It’s the only way


Number 8 division 4. Just fought a very similar build. Wow that was tense


@dickwad on div 2 i think, you will face tough opponent like Bekhor. his warrior has 600k plus HP. and @Mandelbrot wiz. :smile:


Lol steady on @kiane_zaine I’m still grinding towards division 3 :open_mouth:

#401 this is my inspiration for making pvp characters




My warrior in progress


Any ideas are welcome


Nice vanity! I want to try it with my rouge(erza).
Rouge with blade.:heart_eyes:


@FairyTail what happened to your wiz? :smile: you switched to Warrior? :smile:


@Mr_Scooty my use of permafrost, druid and bloodmagic is a pure experiment without any logical reasoning other than if bloodmagic turns resource into hp then surely anything that regens mp also goes to hp regen on top of any existing hp regen. I don’t know if it works but it feels like it does. Im going to have to compare the effects of swapping blood magic to alchemy. I don’t know what MP absorb is . Im still relatively new to this game.