Scooty Gift: Immortal Build Reveal


Welcome back @Kirby1


It apears to work but obviously if your original hp is unspectacular then the regen is likewise. If your an high critical damage type of build with little or no hp or armour you do okay. Likewise if your high defence then you do OK but weak damage and a match is like watching all the Lord of the rings films in one sitting. I’m looking for compromise. :slight_smile:


I never run out of mp enough to be unable to cast spells. Watching the regen stats it’s mainly hp. Occasionally mp which probably means your mp is at a zero. So I figure that once the mp cost of a spell is met then any unrequired mp regen goes to hp. Why do I use summons ? They benefit from the casters hp, critical affixes, regen etc… Given my game away there but it’s just a game :slight_smile:


@Mr_Scooty Thanks got busy at school :frowning:


Blood magic has helped me to gain an eternal 1v1 division. I’m almost eternal 2v2. No great advance but a semi one. Maybe I should drop all legend affixes and go with epic


MP Absorb: reduces damage before any other damage reduction by a percentage of damage done and turns it into MP. doesn’t work with Blood Magic. I think it has a 50% or 60% cap.

Legend Affix: found on looted items only.

Permafrost: Set affix. MP Absorb % per Rank in addition to Ice ED% per Rank.

Return - Myth Stone: 10% MP Absorb.


Well it’s no use for build then :slight_smile:


@dickwad @Mr_scooty also. question on Elements (PET) they have different Values on cast to trigger for free. @dickwad’s Eternal Void has +7.5% while i’ve got Eternal Prism that has +37.5%?


@dickwad pet was not equipped, hence 7.5% values (values at rank 1). The 37.5% you observed for your void was in PvE (5x7.5% = 37.5%).


I faced entering 1v1 mythic with my warrior today. So I removed some legend affixes and reduced hp and added some boring epic affixes. He’s climbing up eternal 1 league. Balance got scrapped


Introduced 1 legend 15 % storm proc ( it stilll procs) 99 % frostbiting, 2 ×5000 ice damage and 1x15%freeze.


Working on a pistoleer from hell now. Its a bit of a wierd one. Chakrams and pistols . Stealth and coat weapon. Apocalypse and over load. Storm proc. Very challenging to play


Not a camping build either. Not 100 % with happy with my OH skill set.


I switch it. Coz im on experimental study… Btw your ai is not attacking. What happen?


Likely left his farming AI when he switched from PvE and forgot. It’s an easy mistake to make. Just like getting all excited about going to PvP until you realize you brought your trusty farmer with zero damage ability. :rofl:


my trusty Farmer got me to Eternal League, now it is time for some trusty Gladiators to help me get into first place in Eternal League!


Me when I sign into PvP with my farmer gears.


bwahahahahaha!!! awesome! @Mr_Scooty, from the look of this video, your Farm Gears aren’t optimized for Battle Arena Specs. but I would think your Farm Builds could still give some players the same feeling.


I thinking of it too. I guess he is using his rouge on hireling on campaign?:sweat_smile: hes a really active player on pvp. I remember my mistakes when im using my rouge.:rofl:


Pistoleer rougue using lay traps only and scalp. Lay trap spawns any proc on build. So basically i just walk around laying traps, scalping, apocalypse , nova and overload procs while laying traps

![Screenshot_2018-09-20_222128|690x388] (upload://boPmlTOncmYiWaYGUEe7xwmyZd0.jpeg)