Scooty Gift: Immortal Build Reveal


This character did over a million damage tonight in 1 round


what if they camp? or are there no campers in the upper Divisions of Eternal League?


I can take out some campers but not all are weak. My AI doesnt allow me to camp but with this build it would be useless anyway. My pistol attacks are like an old school western shoot out. Cant hit a thing lol


Offline rewards


My build in progess @Golem



@dickwad were you talking about the Trap and Ring on this build in the other Thread? if you were, you could replace the Freeze on one with a Legend Elemental Crit and the other one with Frostbiting. same chance to Freeze as 2 Epic Freeze and then the extra damage from Frostbiting for as long as Freeze lasts. :snowflake: FTW!


Thanks @Golem so legend frostbiting and legend element critical ? Time to start farming.


Been studying my arena damage. The higher your opponents hp the higher the damage you do like an equality :slight_smile:


yes, Frostbiting just needs the target to be Freeze. doesn’t matter what caused the Freeze, Epic, Legend, Wizardry, Weapon Skill, Nova, as long as the target is in a state of Freeze. those 2 Epic Freeze give you +30%, and you get that with 1 Legend EC, opening up a space for Frostbiting. good hunting!



Its a wierd build. I just slowly walk around the arena making pretty patterns with traps. Storm and minons proc keep the enemy away and kills them. Its funny


All about style :heart:
Love it


Hmmm lovely lovely summons


wow!!! i love this summons protecting your character…


Just killed m a cheater.


wow not alot of people can beat a cheater gl and keep it up <3 happy hunting


even cheaters can lose. good job on your win. that pet though, lol. :eyes: :microscope: :mag: :telescope:


How did I win ? Good question. When you PvP you cannot change your gear mid fight. You are stuck with your build. Don’t feel your build is the answer. Have your character with 2 ranged attacks and 2 close attack skills. Use any talent, proc, set bonus or critical affix you have. But in the arena change your game style against every opponent. If one skill doesn’t work then test the others. You will get defeated alot. But every defeat will make you smarter and give you more faith in your original ideas


hahaha!!! :laughing: I am always asking my self, do I charge in, do a sneak attack, go in slowly, run around leaving ‘trap’ spells, jump in and out, do I really want to go into that wall of Barrage? things like that.