Scooty Gift: Immortal Build Reveal


Well when your getting squashed just think I need a different approach :slight_smile:


right now I am in Division 6 Eternal League. I am paying attention to my enemies to get ideas for which direction to take the next Wizard PVP Build. not easy, since sometimes it is my damage that gets me the win, and HP/Damage Reduction that gives me time to win. or my jumping around and leaving ‘trap’ spells. I know I need a more focused build, but I think I also need a Jack-of-all-Trades type of build.


I’m bouncing in divisions


I am holding steady in 6, my build is about 60% Epic affixes, but doing well for the most part. win/loss is about even, with enough wins to slowly keep going up. my build ideas keep changing as I fight, so I just keep the build I have until I get an idea that looks really good.


edited gears but weak build!!


Cheaters is kinda bonus round u know?:joy: so… gotcha! Youve got an bonus mmr!:ok_hand:


Hey @Golem we are in eternal 6 as we speak. I been to 5 this morning now 6. One day soon we will play each other :slight_smile:


Oooohhh 1 arena point difference😉


hopefully I will see you soon.


good luck @Golem and @dickwad


So you can get spell sword via amethyst? Or you need to convert it to other class first before you use amethyst?


you can get it in warrior class…




Go push 1v1 div 1 plz, we need more variant build :slight_smile:


yeahhhhhhhh!!! go go go!!!


@brang!!! are you a pinoy?


No, im not. Im indonesian. Why? Are u looking for one country friend with u? If so, me too XD. However it seem only me playing this game in my country:joy:


ah thanks @brang i encountered your AI wizard… but your MP is not enough for 30 sec…
but you change it already to your warrior…


Yeah, my wizz only for online playing, and i chgane to war when going offline…

I faced against u too, first battle vs rogue, 2nd vs warrior and my wizz loss because sanctuary :grin:, nice ai warrior btw… and how about my warrior? I not good at make build and set ai :slight_smile:, still need someone to teach me again…