Scooty Gift: Immortal Build Reveal


your warrior AI is good but you need to improve it…
thanks for the comments for my AI… boom boom pow…


Hahha thanks, i dont know how to improve it, when i try to improve, i just make worst, so i leave it… :joy:,. Can u teach me make busrt build rogue?, i want to make 1 but not know how to start…


use, crtdmg, crt chance and deadly strike… sorry that i can’t tell you in details b-cus it’s a secret!!! :thinking::thinking:


I agree :smiling_imp: You need critical chance and damage. Without the chance there’s no damage. If you don’t play the lottery you can’t win is my best example. Deadly strike is a chance. Uses less room on a build like bleed chance and bleed damage. :sunglasses: Deadly strike is a one affix wonder.


@dickwad CV sometimes acts annoying.


@dickwad Every player has base 10% critical strike and every player has 50% critical damage. You can take one of your toons to the test dummy and see. With zero critical chance and with zero critical damage affixes, you will land critical strikes 10% of the time for 50% more damage. :+1:


Ahhh :sunglasses: Thanks for the info @Mr_Scooty.


+60% Crit Chance Cap: +10% Character Base, +45% Crystal affix, and 2x Death Nature (+5%).

+350% Crit DMG Cap: +225% Crystal affix, +75% Epic affix, and your choice of 1 more Epic affix or 5 Strength Natures for +50%. the base +50% Crit DMG all Characters have isn’t counted towards the Cap, so if you get to the Cap, it’s +400% Crit DMG. (if my math is wrong, please let me know. I did the math another way and came up with +225% Crit DMG. I multiplied the base Crit DMG with the Cap, instead of adding like I did for the +400%).


@thunderbringer ~ Sieghart take a look. I saved this for a few months waiting on you to come back to forum. :muscle::muscle:


im here :slight_smile:


That was a fun and unexpected battle @thunderbringer. Good job.


i cant create a new topic what’s the problem of this forum


I got created a build that can kill any Immortal in just ONE HIT. I want to upload it but the server is not working.


@thunderbringer see screenshot below.

Mobile View

Desktop View


this what happened

–> Edited: try restarting your desktop. Mr S


thank you for send gift immo build everyone"


Still waiting for you :slight_smile: . Just to see if its any different than Mr scooty’/s


Glad to see @Mr_Scooty was using Lance now. :eyes:


@HawkEye check out @Mr_Scooty anti immortal build reveal. Then create a build that uses both :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I signed in the other day to do some tests. Good eye on detail. I will give a peek of the test results below. :eye::eye:

Reduced Damage

Damage log to Aswang