Scooty Gift: Immortal Build Reveal


your warrior AI is good but you need to improve it…
thanks for the comments for my AI… boom boom pow…


Hahha thanks, i dont know how to improve it, when i try to improve, i just make worst, so i leave it… :joy:,. Can u teach me make busrt build rogue?, i want to make 1 but not know how to start…


use, crtdmg, crt chance and deadly strike… sorry that i can’t tell you in details b-cus it’s a secret!!! :thinking::thinking:


I agree :smiling_imp: You need critical chance and damage. Without the chance there’s no damage. If you don’t play the lottery you can’t win is my best example. Deadly strike is a chance. Uses less room on a build like bleed chance and bleed damage. :sunglasses: Deadly strike is a one affix wonder.


@dickwad CV sometimes acts annoying.