Scooty Gift: Immortal Build Reveal


part of the Arena is learning the hard way. I got to Eternal League using a PVE Farm build. I changed a few affixes to help it do better in the Arena, and got as far as Eternal Division 5. I have read a lot of posts that give a lot of help to making good PVP Builds, and am building up a bunch of Crystals while Ascending some of my other Character Slots, so that when I have enough, I can make my first PVP Build, and eventually make a First Place Eternal Build. the best way to climb in the Arena is to fight to win. :wink:


Amén to that🤘


Lol I’m loving pvp now. Every build I meet is immortal. Good matches. More gameplay required. @Mr_Scooty you have levelled the arena :slight_smile:



I’m not having much luck with obsidian affix choices. I will have to keep crafting


Haha bro you don’t have to choose them :smiley:
If you do it and can choose an aiifix and you see, it isn’t good for you build you just can turn off you device (or dungeon quest on phone easily) and your item wont have an cyan affix. Nobody is doing it but if you don’t want to craft so many items you have to :wink:
Thanks me later lol

[WARNING: Doing this can you get flagged and banned.]


Really ? :joy:


Yes :smiley: Yust try it out


It is possible to do this, however if your account ends up flagged please don’t send me tons of messages asking “why do I deserve this…” “I am legit player”, etc etc.


Just play the game legit


Okay i understand .
BUT I didn’t say i’m doing it, i just said it is possible :’(


@Mr_Scooty I finally remembered to ask…I had looked over the info you have shared on the Immortal Builds, and was wondering…Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence, do those need the Legend affixes to work? I have read in other threads that Hero Points in weapon skills are not counted in the Arena, but that they do work with SD&I. now I am wondering if that is true after reading this Thread.


They count. :+1:

I have given a precise method above to show how they count by obtaining either 2 or 3 legend strength in PvP (2 Strength gives HP 1750x1.02 or 1785 and 3 Strength gives 1750x1.03 or 1803). All skills and hero points scale but work in PvP. They have to be on your gears as an affix to work. This means you need to have Strength on a gear in order to get the benefit in PvP. You do not gain any benefit in PvP from Hero Points assigned in PvE. This is another good point to remember --> do not change hero points when going from PvE to PvP that does nothing in PvP and only costs you gold for each Respec.

In order to maximize epic skill from 2 to 3 in PvP, reroll affix until you get 7500 HP/MP or 5000 ED and roll to Max value. Then, when you roll 10 Scalp etc it will be 3 in PvP. I have already shown how to get 3 Legend Strength above.

I hope that clears things up.


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They have to be on your gears as an affix to work.

this was the part I was most interested in, as some earlier posts in the forums had different information, or I just read/remembered it wrong. I thought it was strange that Hero Points on Weapons don’t work in the Arena but they do for the non-weapon skills. the rest of your posts in this thread were really informative, and I will take it all in consideration as I craft my PVP Toons.


Okay I got crystalline armour on defiant shield and an armour that I need to find druid affix via amythests. Slight improvement. I’m moving alchemy to a druid amulet because I want to use an eternal sakara band with an elixir.

#82 having fun against campers here


@Golem hero points count. Wisdom , dexterity and intelligence first for pvp. Fortune is a must just to find good things. But the moment you stop farming then reallocate fortune points into offensive. It will all make a small difference.


@dickwad I was wondering about them in the Battle Arena. I like using Dexterity in PVE, and Dexterity and Fortune in Farming Builds. @Mr_Scooty was saying that if you want to use them in the Arena, they have to be on your gears to be useful. I differentiate between using Hero Points on Skills and the Epic/Legend Affixes for those same Skills. if I understand what Mr. Scooty has spent many posts explaining, if I have 10 Hero Points each in Comet and Strength, that isn’t counted in the Arena. if I have +10 Comet (Epic) and +10 Strength (Legend) on my gears, that is counted in the Arena.
Question: what about Talents? do the Talents on gears count in the Arena, or do I have to have +10 Talent (Epic)? for some reason, the thought has entered my head that only affixes on gears are counted in the Arena. I have discovered that I am not a good tester, and finding out the hard way will take way too much time, at least as far as the Arena goes. since I spend a lot of time in PVE, finding out the hard way works out better for me over there.


Talents work in arena. Again scaled down. Recall is handy