Scooty Gift: Immortal Build Reveal


@Golem Talents are the same methodology as skills etc I listed above. As far as Talents, let’s say you have 20 Focus on Wizard chest in PvE (those scale from PvE to PVP). This would correspond to 4 Focus Talent in PvP. You can look at the gear in PvP and visually see this. If you add epic Talent on a gear, for example 10 Focus, then it will become 2 or 3 Focus in PvP (depends on the roll - just use the process I listed above to Maximize). Hope that clears it up.

You are also correct in interpreting what I have described about PvE Hero Points not being applicable in PvP, unless you have those affixes on your gears.


@Mr_Scooty in relation to the immortal wizard variant im trying to make I found a legend demonic pet and was thinking of putting element damage, bleed chance, hp on hit on it. Also im buying lots of eternal sakara bands from vendor hoping for one with crystalline hp affix and high all spiritmancer. Does it sound any good?


The pet can be interesting but you need to get your opponent below 25% health to see the benefit. As far as the Sankara Band, when you are ready to drop a gear with a HP% cyan affix (Rogue Band), make sure you’re farming gear is equipped and go to Floor 500-1000. Ensure you have Crystalline set in your gears and then try dropping the Eternal Sankara Band. Drop a lot of the Eternal gears at one time and “ID All.” This will increase the probability of having one with Crystalline HP %.

Wizard Sankara Band - No HP%

Warrior Sankara Band - No HP%

Rogue Sankara Band - Has HP%


@Mr_Scooty thanks, your help is greatly appreciated. any mistakes I make crafting a PVP Build will be easier to see and fix with all this information you have shared. also, seeing how different those Sankara Bands are from class to class reminds me to double check items that all classes have in common to see which has what I am looking for, incase affixes are different from class to class. Defiant is a case in point. some have 100% Elemental damage, and some have 200% Weapon Damage.


You’re very welcome. Always double check before you start using any Ultra Rare crystals or a large amount of Dust.


no problem, I use the cheaper loot first for crafting, just to see the viability of the build, and if it looks like better loot will improve the build, then I start spending loot crafting like a kid with their allowance in a candy store.


I’m thinking alternatively to have a mayhem armour socketed with an master with druidic, permafrost the and equality. Forget the sakara. And only have a defiant shield if I drop a permafrost pet. Although would a perma frost pet trigger the bonus as if you had 2 items equipped @Mr_Scooty


If you have Shibe (Permafrost) dog, then you only need the bonus from the helm/hat/cap. Just one Permafrost set affix activates the bonus in PVP. It will give 2K MP Regeneration every second…


Okay now I have to find one… I hate farming lol


Don’t forget about dust… This gear only costs 13 Dust.


I’ve got virtually every wizard eternal and legends unlocked. So I can craft dust to eternals and legends anytime. If I don’t want it i convert to crystals. I need a permafrost pet


@thunderbringer It’s nice to have you active again.


Why is your hero only mythic and not enternal :exploding_head:
Is it because of the demon outfit ? Maybe because you like mythics, because of that you have 5 from them in your immortal build xD … But then you are only allowed to be mythic league :stuck_out_tongue:


Only Mythic because I use Hunter mythic on ring for PvE instead of pursuing last Ascension (Eternal). I like the magenta color also. :rofl:


There is one ascension that is very week and easily to do it, hunter mythic resolve the problem tho

For my is silly to do more 99 eternal lvl’s for 1 space, i think scooty had the same logic😊!


Thanks for a warm welcome :slight_smile: @Mr_Scooty


My Lovely Sieghart :slight_smile: hahaha


Yeah I’ve not bothered with the enshrined or hunter perks and have opted for a hunter ring too


Guys please give my thread few time to visit. I need advice. Immortal’s immortality


The ring mythic,that increases the dmg and movment speed by 50% isn’t that buff much better ?