Scooty Gift: Immortal Build Reveal


I’m experimenting with an effective ring


@GermanyPro that ring Mythic increases APS and Movement Speed 50%. with Momentum Set, that extra Movement Speed can be used to cause more damage. that effect lasts 5 seconds as of Patch 3.0. since you need the MP potion button to use it, not good for Arena PVP.


Haha lol, ofc it isn’t good in pvp …: I never said it :smiley: @Mr_Scooty said he is using hunter mythic, so i asked if the effective mythic isn’t better for the extra movment speep and the buff he from hunter ring he could gain from the packs …


I use effective + weaken combo on my hireling in PvE. Draught mythic in PvE increases MS and APS by 50% for 5sec when using MP Potion, instead of filling MP. In PvE, my primary character is my Fortune Hunter and my hireling is my damage build. No need for last Ascension. I can always optimize but I like my current configuration.


Managed to get 3 christal 7500 armour item affixes so far. Three more items to craft. Boy this is hard work lol


Haha two items to go. The rest or the affixes can be played with. Hp epic definately. Ice damage. Then it’s trying to squeeze some legend in if I have the room . Maybe a stacked proc and something else


Okay one more item to put armour in christal then I’m going to have to diamond hunt to reroll. Finally hit 2v2 mythic division one and spied @CuzegSpiked in the near distance :wink: lol . Eternal 3 to 5 in 1v1. Think I will jasper old stuff into a different class. Pvp hand me downs


Right now I’ve introduced eternal disaster caprice into two character and unbalanced them. So now I need to find amythests to alter sets and restore balance


Draught Mythic always required a potion to activate that 50% APS and Move speed since many patches even before 3.0. Basically since the Mythic came out so yeah it can’t be used in PVP even as tempting as it looked before you finally read the lines that it requires a potion.
PvE wise, Draught Mythic is very good and easy to activate just as long as you had the slot to add the mythic on ring.
For my farm build, i have both characters as farmers but i used to have a fotune bringer based build with a full dps second character. Now i use knightscharge poison plagued warrior with aftermath wizard who uses fire+ crushing flames.


The immortal build has become a pandemic now lol (cough @Mr_Scooty ). So I’m thinking procs will jazz things up and make up for any A.I. deficits when I’m offline


No matter how great you programme your A.I I still think it’s rubbish so I need a game changer


Good example of Immortal Vs Immortal. This was a fun Battle. Kind of makes me think of Rocky Balboa Vs Apollo Creed - Yo Adrian I did it!!!

Round 12

Round 13

Round 14

Round 15

Round 16


. :smile:
But I think that my build was HDR or High Dmg Reduc build…
A build for ai to make your rank last longer…
You all know what I mean…


They called it immortal build​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


In my own observation, there’s no such an immo build. Every build has a weakness. :sweat_smile:


Or should I say “every weakness counters their corresponding build” ?:joy::joy:


They call it immo coz its like immortal in round 1-10 when your using battlemage. But for me I call it a high dmg reduction build “HDR” For short.:grinning:


I have never claimed “Immortal build”. It’s just a name that was given to this type of craft.


@Mr_Scooty great video. I liked how the HP bars only went down about every 5-10 in the early matches, but as they got into later rounds and weaker, the HP bars were going down every 1-3 hits. 16+ rounds! and still no clear winner! well, ok, you had 2 wins by round 16, but it was crazy comparing the HP you both start with versus the ratio of damage dealt to damage prevented.
@CRYBABY whether anyone calls them Immortal Builds or not, when you look at the battle results in the Round Stats, the numbers are incredible. and these are just rounds 12-16. when these builds first came out, players had a hard time with them. eventually, builds were made that could defeat them, but it took lots of time and experimenting. there have been lots of posts since then, and now we have Mr. Scooty’s thread on the subject that we are posting on, and now people can make these builds without spending tons of time and resources trying to figure it all out. it looks like it will be some kind of Battle Royale between the Immortal and Immortal Killer Builds, with Olympian Builds in the Arena seats watching the children play.


Well @Mr_Scooty @Golem @ObiWanKenobi @ZOMBOY @CuzegSpiked this is my hybrid immortal chimera apocalypse rogue in pvp 1v1 eternal league today. I only started her last night