[Share] 100% Block build (Warrior)


Good…tank hight fl :v:

DQ 3.0 Cheap Build Floor Hike M3 3k up

I did not understand why so much epiphany?


epiphany for cap


Cap ? Block ?


(7) epiphny: 81% block
+40 talen bulwark: +20% block 5s on block



@4evertin all kinds of dmg can be block right? (Except for dot)


All kinds of dmg


my understanding for block and dodge is, block for melee attackers and dodge for range attackers if im not mistaken.


@Galahad nope dodge can dodge both melee and range atks and block can block both range and melee atks


I thought u can only get crystal block on offhand?


Some item have block affix epic, when u lucky it can became cyan affix…
IMG_20190216_175714 IMG_20190216_175649


you just given me an idea :sunglasses:


NOOOOOOO!!! Not Another @dickwad Idea!! will it ever be safe to fight in the Arena if he gets another idea???


I have an abandoned rogue. She’s not used because I’ve jaspered her items onto other characters. Time to make her shine.


:heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :revolving_hearts: :heavy_heart_exclamation:


I can’t remember but what rogue weapon does a Lance Jasper into ?



Looks like another pistol popping calamity Jane type of character is emerging.