Share one of your favorite legends drop!


Found this today I only tho there was a ring and necklace o.o


There is armor also. They can be useful for grinding exp or fanning legendaries. More magic/rare enemies = more items = more legendaries.


Folks tend to talk about the ring and necklace because they have the +sets affix, where the head and chest versions don’t.


We’re is best place to get the necklace been hunting Iford it for ages now and no luck got ring and hat :stuck_out_tongue: I will get all set one day hehe


I love this one. Dang! gunna blow up that 400+ floors again in hope to get this one.


Floor 100+ but epic+ enemies only.


Thanks a lot :smiley:


Wow just wow farming for items for my rouge with my wizard helper and get this :stuck_out_tongue:


My kinda small collection :blush:


Very nice :slight_smile:


got this lovely guy on floor 101 today :hugs: now how to put it to use lol


Grats what different was you doing it one :smiley:


Well i guess im quiet lucky today ( the double ED roll is real :scream:)


I really cant get a pet with a good set affix instead i get this ****** still my first etneral but the stats hurt so much :cry:


Grats on first one shame not good stats


Just found this



that Aether Robe is sick! perfect reroll on ED and ECD dang! you’re so lucky with that drop. on what floor did it drop?


Well i dont know anymore dropped the same time as my pet (im farming around f650 m3 max packsize ofc) and i kinda started raging there after i killed 800 enslaver i only got uselesd set affixes no momentum / permafrost …


Sucks to be me lol! I wish that set affix was pathfinder or so. This is my 2nd ever eternal pet too. Why can’t I ever get good eternal pets? :frowning: . I wish I could change the class of the pet too! I think I would get easy fester,unnecessary mastery or good empower and maybe a minion talent I can’t remember.


Greats and shame it’s not what you need