Share one of your favorite legends drop!


Sucks it dropped on floor 100 something while xp grinding but I still enjoy it as a collector


why the green bow is called gaunlet? He cannot use jasper on green gaunlet



You can, since (I think) patch 2.1


Did you miss us? :wink:



Used an eternal map for an enslaver feat trying to round out the seven deadly eternals and got a normal spike with bad rolls but this dropped as a consolation:


just got this from the shop :smiley: my first crystal item and it showed it was a normal item in shop hehe :smiley:


congrats :blush:
Not bad for the start


Thanks I buying everything from shop that I can now hehe :stuck_out_tongue:


Totaly worth im running F 185 all time buying all items in shop and nearly max farming stats …
Best thing u can do is buying these legendarys u can get so much eternals out of it :relaxed:


Oooo yes I just can’t believe I got a crystal item from a normal item that’s my luck gone for the year haha I’m just on map lvl 120 sumthing at moment


Go ahead add weapon dmg % and normal … use peridots and emeralds on it always great to have a crystal affix :smiley:


:stuck_out_tongue: how do I add wepon dmg % on to it


Well u can reroll an affix with the saphire crystal (u get a random orange affix then lookup the list if u want to see all possable affixes) use the saphire on the affix until u get Weapon %dmg or normal weapon DMG or u can use a Kyanite to remove an orange affix and then add a new one with a tropaz … feel free to ask if u got questions :smiley:


Thanks a lot I will try that out later


found it the first go around with my hiring, still haven’t replaced it almost done with ascension 1. Found lots of non eternal versions.


my favorite so far ^^


How ironic, I’m missing the helm and amulet myself lol…as well as the pet ofc : 4/7 (have gotten two offhands :confused: ).


@valilapaul dropped the same with crystal attack speed a few weeks ago :slight_smile: