Share one of your favorite legends drop!


I feel your pain on eternal pets. I have only had 3 drop.


I have no idea how cronos just gets so many eternal pets by luck on his birthday but I wish I had the luck of cronos. I am striving to be better than him lol.


Any idea what happened to Cronos? I wrote him in early May when I noticed he hadn’t been online in several weeks. No response.


I believe he might have quit the game or extremely busy at work for a few months. Idk fo sure. He started to not play dq on may. He stop being on forums for own reason. It wasn’t worth his time it felt to him. Now I’m gonna strive to be better than cronos. I got taught alot from cronos and now I am going to make many crazy ideas possible with the highest dmg possible.


Yeah! It’s a lost to lose him. Im sure his green garden creation help tons to gain wee bit of interest/knowledge bout this game. ( applies on me at least ).
@Cuzeg, I’m sure you can do it.


Can’t remember if I uploaded some of the items before.




Oh im gonna go next level op m8! Cronos is good but never shown full potential builds on forums. Hell even green garden which is real good needs improving just to have much more dmg. I can do so much now. I learnt enough from cronos that I have that mentality of making many possible op builds.


Nice! Imagine those but with crystal affixes!?


Waiting for you to teach this old man how does inferno really works.
I have like 3 inferno pets lying there doing nothing. Lol


why? :sweat_smile:


yea. those with crystal affixes are very rare


True but I got over 20 of them on eternals. Still a far cry though from getting every eternals with crystal affix though.


I hav 4 crystal eternals… 3 are really bad and one is a chakram with 840k dps


[quote=“CuzegSpiked, post:213, topic:4016, full:true”]
True but I got over 20 of them on eternals. Still a far cry though from getting every eternals with crystal affix though.
[/quote] i also get a lot of them, but most are useless. :smile:

thats great. chakram has the most highest dps. more if you have a crystal affix of +attack spd on that one


Ye it has atk speed as crystal affix but trickster as setaffix sucks:/



Just found this today… my first time seeing two duplicate affixes :frowning:


I’ve seen these types of pets way too much. At least that doesn’t happen to legend pets. If it did,would they lose legend status or you have to gain the affix again or so? I’m just glad it doesn’t happen to legend pets.


The only eternal I kept is zealous shield with Crystal mp on hit though never used. The rest was just junk items.