Share one of your favorite legends drop!


here ive some good drops off some drops i think they are worth it.


yah theyre super worth to convert. Hahahah ultra rare crystal are super lovely. :slight_smile: those are still junks for the mean time excpt the pet. especially when u ask @cronos4321 haha.


u know me better haha


Nice gold amount. Moved to an existing topic.


thanks i dont find much legends anympre but i found a trick to spend most pf rhem xD just run lvl 100 maps kill the cartographer and buy the cs ms from the store xD


Man, you make me envy you! How could you get all that!


just play alot? spend 3 hours farming on floor 350 and up with a farming set each day hold it up for 2 months and then u get the gold as i havd xD


Heya, I play a lot and I always do the mythic feat.
Eternalized set affix also help with max luck and max item drop.
I also use hireling :smile:


Cronos is there a bug going on? This is my 5th eternal i got within 1 day? Usually i get like 1 eternal every 2-3 days… Glitch or just luck???

I got about 10 eternal a day =.=
Sometimes I got some good item


thoughts? Keep or convert


I converted mine


I also don’t have VS bow yet


it will be useful once new patch comes in …=D


I will keep it for 2.1…


my new faverout but not sure what to build so probably gonna save until the rest of my build is perfected, but any ideas would be much appreciated :smile:


farming floor 200 paid off again


I finally got a Nadroji! After farming with a hireling for hundreds of floors with 150% item drops and 500% luck on my main never getting one, I accidentally switched to no hireling and got five legendary at once on floor 199, and one was Nadroji. :smiley:


Finally got one! :grin: (reward after killing a mythic enemy)


Say hallo to another eternal map. Lol. Let’s adore how beautiful it is in green glowing. Lol.


the best i’ve got so far = (