Share one of your favorite legends drop!


Good for farming gold


my 3 main equipments for farming eternal s and crystals , to bad you can’t change the affixes.


Just got another crystal eternal, thats my second one this month :smiley:

Not too great for a build but its still nice to have


Maybe all of these? Haha


too bad you can only wear one at a time , I convert most of the eternal s to crystal for my warehouse , until I find a build worth investing in. but always fun seeing what you farming gives you.


what’s so great about eternals if you can’t use them, hopefully an update will come out that you can change affixes or classes.


I thought Crystals on eternals wasn’t possible? Only through hacking this was achieved.


It is possible through legit means. Though the chances are astronomically small. In fact I had 3 during my whole playthrough in a year or so.

…though it’s highly unlikely to obtain a useful crystal-eternal, they are good keepsakes and nothing more.


good to hear that its possible , as I have a eternal shield with crystal affix, thought it was a bug. but pretty useless to me


Looks useful for Arena though. Meant for a chunky build, no doubt


No eternal legends are very much a thing,so far i have found two because im very lucky, i think its about a 1/1000 chance for the eternal to be a crystal eternal but i boost this with crystaline and externalised

Also just of topic, can we get something that can reduce lag when using a map with increased pack size since my pad thats quite new can barely sustain the amount of monsters and damge numbers so i couldnt imagin what its like for some of the phone users


As of now it has been reduced a little bit, but the best solution for now is to kill them just after they appear on the screen of course :grin:


Well the best fix would to be to have an auto sell feature that would sell any items below a certain rank and to also fix the bug with “ghosts” because i find my self with about twenty to thirty ghosts following me by the time im done with the map :joy:


Hopefully this would be added in the future to alleviate the lag.


If only i could give that statement a few hundred likes :joy:


yahoo…looked what just drop on floor 198 legend. was just farming around for quick kills…too bad its only lvl 98.


Why is your cosmicorb chakram has 197.9k DPS? I have a similar 1 but only 137.8k DPS already at Quality+25.


Most likely due to +2 extra attack, if that’s on the weapon itself will show the dps increase. It’s not ideal though if you can max extra attack on other items because you can use +50% dmg mythstone instead which isn’t available on another piece of armor


actually i put endow 50% dmg on mine. that’s the only difference between our chaks. I think I made the right decision. what’s the max on EAC?


idk? maybe the affix? haha iQ+level100+affix maybe?