Share one of your favorite legends drop!


EAC has +4 cap.

Though it matters not when using Special skills. Only works on primary mainhand weapon


Yep it will. Patience :wink:


ouch…what a waste, can’t even jasper to a blade


…keep it. The future is looking bright :yum:


floor 199 legend farming , what the best affix for this bow?


Okay, brace yourself for this one… Its the best eternal your ever gonna see! :joy:


lol a lvl 7 eternal. I would laugh hard if that’s a rare eternal legend



If you do get an obsidian, RNGzus is trolling you. Hard.


that’s the reason why i never farm on low floors and always above 250+ floor


Enough for today… :relieved:


I think im gonna need to like and use fabled blade even more now… :innocent:


LOL :frowning:


That’s just a graphical glitch, it usually says “Vengeance 200%” :slight_smile:


These are some of my collections (click the image to enlarge)

one eternal starvation has a crystal affix. its just a bug
two eternal skyfall have different affix. one is from older patch, and the other from the recent patch

mostly are warrior items.
didnt screenshot the eternals in my wizard (tired of editing it in paint) and in my rogue (i think i have only less than 10 eternals in the bag, and i dont have a rogue built)

and for the pets. need to have a lot of luck


That is an impressive collection. I’d be happy with just the eternal pets alone. You must be pretty happy patch 2.1 allows jaspering eternals…


Thanks. hope some of these items can be really use to make some good builds


i have collected many eternal gears, but i converted it hehe


And my fave bow of all time


My first time to get an angelic fairy. Cute. :blush:


i dont know if this is worth sharing.

Im trying to complete the ethernal 7 deadly sin set lol 2/7