Skyfall, tnt etc. Can block dodge?

Can these be blocked / dodged?


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Ty. The defense thing is working out, but when i get hit… im creamed. Even on f550 easy. Lol

Lol. The defense matters for sure and then being able to dodge some attacks . Smoke bombs do help except against Skyfall and bombs. Stealth is very helpful but it halves your entire damage for the duration (which isn’t bad unless you use a Frozen build or any multiplying build but it’s temporary.

50% dodge (30% dodge crystal Affixes, 10% dodge from dexterity 20 and 10 % base dodge). Having block also helps of course but yeah it’s either one of the other, or both depending on the build.

As long as you can defeat enemies quickly, you should be good to go. Preferably at range distance.

Im using block and dodge. 60 / 40 atm. Its hard to increase block and still maintain my farm build. :frowning:

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I think that’s fine for now. Do you use crushing flames?

Nope. Not sure what that is

It’s a very good set affix and these legends tend to be found at floor 250 or so. Maybe at mythic 3. Also can be unlocked by dust when you salvage legends.

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Hmm. I dont see it in the wiki. I will look into it. Ty.

I notice that the gauntlet / epiphany for wiz can be turned into an axe. Suitable for ww build. Wondering if i can optimize that to be a decent substitute for the eternal fates travesty.

Yeah you can . Crushing flames is a relatively new set affix and basically it amplifies crushing blow damage by a huge amount when enemies are Immolated by fire (elemental crit). There’s also the added effect of increasing Immolate damage by 125% aka immolation damage .

Combined with inferno set affix for faster tick speeds and blistering and it’s very deadly. Also great with high hit frequency skills.

Good luck on finding it out.



Is this crushing flames set obtainable on any gear piece with amethyst?

Yep. You could try it but I save you crystals by outright telling you. Anyway does nobody check the old guides anymore, the ones that are still relevant to today?
I also feel like the community is getting smaller for some reason.


Reading guides, spreadsheets and lectures can be alot like a 12 yr old being handed an algebra text book for the year, with no instructional guidance for the entire course.

Ive been reading for days, and in a little direct q and a, ive leearned far more.

So again, ty @CuzegSpiked and all others for hrlpin out. Im doing far better, and have even crafted a suitable weapon replacement. Now have 75% dodge and 40% block, and its hugely noticeable. Ty ty. :slight_smile:


Lmao. I was a massive noob once as well and I made so many huge mistakes on DQ but I learnt along the way and asked many questions. I remember copying builds but doing it so wrong it was costly and it took many many mistakes until I realised that I have to make a good farm build and guides did help.

Always ask questions, you’ll eventually get real good. Even the pro player or most experienced players used to ask so many questions. Cronos4321 was a great example and some others.

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You should post a build for feedback. That’s how we can all improve. I sure as hell learnt a ton like this .

What was cool though was that my very first post was a build guide meant to help newbies like myself even though I thought I was pro back then. Nowadays I’m and experienced player but I’m glad that post aged very well with so many views and I’m glad I helped many people .

Even though I had some idea, I still had a lot to learn so asking questions, reading a few small guides , etc helped.

There are some good guides to be recommended for any player and they have aged gracefully.

I also did personally look up the wiki which did indeed help but a good forum post for mythics if not the wiki:

I would give a HUGE thank you to @Griffin @Skaul and many others for helping the community that much more. Also @Emman .

My own guides also help even though they aren’t as old:


This might be a silly question but can u also block/dodge thorns? I really find it annoying. Hahaha

I think so. Just like with the reflect dmage. But dont worry about it. Thorns will not kill u but the surrounding mobs will be able to kill u if u reach low health. U can use hp leech/on hit (assuming u are at a lower floor). But the technique is to kill that epic monster with high dmge but lower attack frequency.

You can’t block or dodge thorns but thorns isn’t a huge deal when you got good dodge/block and generally good survival against enemies.

Woaah! Its all cleared up now. Thanks a ton. Haha

So u cant block or dodge thorns. Lol. But how bout reflect dmge???. I thought anything that damges your chracter can be blocked/dodged.