T-Shock Build -1 Build for all Classes [Patch 2.1 Hyped]

This build is meant to be fun and challenging. It is by all means not the most powerful build. if you want something that deal super high dmg @cronos4321 got a few good build out there.

Eversince Twister got fixed i always wanted to play with it. so now here it is.





Build Chart


[R] = Rare affix that cannnot be obtain via RUBY. take note.

Things to take note. Video shown is floor 600+ Using the First Template with RANDOM Epic affix. its abit challenging but if you guys can put the right affix in you can farm pretty comfortable at Floor 500-600

When patch 2.1 hits. lvling to MAX ascension will take some time. so i’ve included EXP and progression build
In the chart EXP build will be much more comfortable below floor 200. since going higher does not give extra EXP so we can drop defense and get +EXP affixes.

For using this set after you hit 6th asecnsion you wont have to rebuild your item. because just delete away those Red and Orange affixes to reset back to template and you can use it again!! pretty neat right ? :grin:

The 3rd Farm build is what i’m currently using. BUT as i’ve said you can do what you like using the first TEMPLATE.
I’ve already given what is needed. so those extra slots will be bonus…~!

Rogue is better using this template because of ruptured mythics + rogue talent razored.

But of Course you can jasper the whole set to Mage or warrior… at the most you have to remake the ruptured mythic armor.

[1]: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Byk5oL8nzYPNU3NXa0FxVnNKTDQ

Ops i forgot to add. its flexable to a extend you dont have to use Twister… remember is discordance? change to any skill and play with it if you got bored of twister ~!


Nice build, can’t wait for 2.1. You’re a jerk for doing this, by the way. :smile: Haha. I like that it’s transferable.


Thank you for your kind words. yea because of limited cs. now i tend to think of transferable item hehe :yum:

I wish more builds were made to be this flexible. Green Garden is the only one that comes to mind. Definitely highly anticipating the capacity for building in 2.1. I love building; I can’t wait! :scream:

actually if you look at greengarden build. its viable for all classes. since it uses spell sword and DOT dmg… nth to do with hero point or talent.

That’s what I was saying :smile:

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Any new update on 2.1 launch date? Getting hard to hold on to the crystals I have hoarded.

nah still have things to iron out. wait for blog updates~

Like their clothes.

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any estimated month 2.1 will be released?

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2016 :wink:

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lol. i asked the month.

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I know… that’s why I threw a wink in there haha.

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Did anyone else notice –

The bow used in mainhand (curiously titled, “Bow,” despite the mythic, so I guess 2.1 is getting rid of mythic titles) has the 100% Weapon Dmg legendary affix that – to my knowledge – can only be obtained on a Vacuus Scipio drop, and yet the inventory icon is definitely NOT the Vacuus Scipio?

So am I crazy to think that either 1) they changed the Vacuus Scipio icon for no ascertainable reason, or 2) %WD can be added via Ruby in 2.1?

That is new item. Berseker AXE

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What’s the description for Push The Limit?

increase total resource and total dmg by %

Goodmorning sir. Can you show me your set and affixis and your heroic skill. Im starting your build sir. Asap

I am confused on the OH…if you cannot obtain the stats marked with [R] how do you make the item have the mythic “Vanish” without removing a affix for a mythstone slot? Lets say I remove mirrorcast to add the fourth mythstone slot. Then how did you get that stat back on the item if you cannot Ruby it?..

Sorry if this is a silly question…smh

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