Toss and bleed chance

Does the 30% bleed chance of Toss skill level 20 overlap with the bleed chance of the item affix?

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if you have both, they’re either added together or multiplied together.

Toss has a fast cool down, so if you use it as your main damage with extra bleed damage, you don’t really need more bleed chance, unless you are using Toss as a secondary damage skill and want your main damage skill to also have a chance to bleed.

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tyvm @Golem I was just wondering if I should use this as my main equipment for pvp

you could use it, but most Crystals can’t be used on it. you can put more Bleed Damage on other Items for some really high Bleed Damage. later, if you still want to use this item but want to change some of the affixes, you would have to use a Legend version of this item.

Bleed damage is 100% of the attack damage it is based on. so if you did 10k dmg., you will do 10k Bleed every second for 10 seconds. with the Berserker bonus, you do 60k bleed dmg. a second for 10 seconds. if you also had 2x +50% Bleed Damage you would do 120k Bleed dmg. a second for 10 seconds. if your attack is a critical hit, your bleed damage will be based on that. and on top of all that, each Bleed tic has a chance to do a critical hit.

omg then bleed damage is super strong!!
i regret deleted some of my equipment`s 50% bleed damage;;
next time i will make legendary berserker with 50% damage
ty for your advice!!

if you look at the Berserker Talents, one of them increases Bleed damage, and the other increases damage done to enemies that are Bleeding. Berserker Talents are really good with a Bleed Build.

honestly, you can do massive damage like this in different ways with any Element, but the more damage you want to do, the more focused your build will be.

if you want Bleed overkill, you could have +50% Bleed on every Item and the Pet for +350% Bleed Damage.

ok! ill change talent to berserker!
i selected diffensive one;;

I didn’t know pets could get 350% BLEED DAMAGE! That’s huge!

oh now im understand…
50*7=350% bleed damage^^

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NO! you would have +50% Bleed Damage on each Item, and a +50% Bleed Damage on your Pet, for a total of +350% Bleed Damage.

umm that Berserker Talent at 20 is +30% Bleed Damage. so if your attack did 10k dmg. you would have (10k Bleed +500% Bleed from Bonus) + 350% Bleed Damage + 30% Bleed Damage.
60,000 x 4.5 x 1.3 = 351k Bleed every second for 10 seconds.

only the highest Bleed damage is used for Bleed Damage (the same as Fire & Poison DoT). attacks have a random -25%/+25% range, so if you had a bleed dmg from -15% and then had an attack that did +7% dmg, the Bleed damage would be from the +7% attack.

thank you!
but this game is for genius of mathematics lol
Can you advise me on this equipments?
I’m stuck in Division 6 of the Eternal League.
im thinking about to change Mr Scooty’s aswang build
because everybody is sooo strong

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because Items are considered level 20 in Battle Arena, you don’t want to use Weapon Damage % or Elemental Damage % affixes. just use +5000 Weapon damage and +5000 Fire Damage. umm, I guess keep one of the Legend +100% Fire for the Inferno Elemental damage boost. put in some +250% All Resist. put Energy Mythic on another Item and put Unity Mythic on the Ring. with all items being Fire, Unity will cause all of your Elemental Resists to be the same as your Fire Resists. maybe use +400% Fire Resist instead? on your post, your Fire Resist is 436. Unity would make the other Elements the same instead of 151.

here is a post or two that can help in figuring out your damage & DPS for Campaign & PVP builds.

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thank you very much for your kindness Mr. @Golem!!!

i will try to make energy isolence that removes weapon damage and unity ring
I have to work hard on my farming!

i will also change pet elemental % damage to bleed damage!!^^

glad to help. I’ve learned a lot reading many posts in the Forum, and making many changes on all of my builds. this has helped me learn a lot, and I’m still learning new things!

the big difference between Campaign & PVP is you can get your Items up to level 100, but in PVP your Items will be level 20. this affects your affix values and affix maximum values a lot. many affixes work well in both, but others only work well in one or the other. there are many posts that can help you learn as you play.

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yes, I appreciate your idea, but if your idea is applied to playing PvAi on arena, just keep it in mind… because of how much bleed damage your build is… it won’t be able to deal big damage to tank with the 1xPreseverance affix…trust me, I’m top 1 in podium in Division 1
my Nickname Thinker_Bell
I hope this will be a consideration for you before wasting a lot of resources from your experiment results

But if you wanna try to make a bleed dmg
Try this
Use fire Elemen
2x crushingflames sets+crushingflames bonus
3x elemcrit chance(Ruby)
6x elemcritdmg
1x Berserker set+Berserker bonus
Vampiric set
Ruptured (armor myth)
2x crit dmg(obsidian)
Lots of flat Elemen dmg(5000)
All talent Berserker if u using warrior
Scalp or another bleed chance


thank you very much Mr Arena legend!!
So I should abandon affix for survival and specialize in bleed damage to be stronger in the arena!
i will try this
I need lots of rubies!

hi legend @TinkerBell sama

3x elemcrit chance(Ruby)

i thought cap of elemental crit chance is 40%
is there any benefit from 3 ele crits?

When you Made elemcrit,the bleed Will applyng too

I am new comer,not legend

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thx fo replying!!
But still, the cap for BLEED CHANCE is 60%, so 2 ELEMENTAL CRITS should be enough, right?