Umm i am way too noob for this

Hello i startes playing this game a few weeks ago as i played it 4 years ago and i wanted to give it another try, i got to round 405 rn but the stuff i was using is kinda terrible rn. Im trying to get good loot at the same time as i get better gear and i have experimented alot. Like alot alot. Been lucky on obsidians and amethysts so iwe been trying different sets. But im using crysstaline and nadroji in there as well, and the hat ill show will be swapped for eternalized.

Is this a good approach or should i focus on damage cos i die alot. Way to alots. Mega alots. Giga alots. Legend cerberus and my blood magic hp just woooooshed so happy about that as a first legendary pet.

I kinda forgot some of what i wrote already so i will just show pics… Really like the storm and its all my damage.

Ok as i said i will swap out the hat, and i dont like machonism at all, even tho im never 100% hp i tapped on a pool and 1 hp… And i also switch out what my skill points go into as i sometimes need more hp but 60% more dps looks much nicer…

Try and get a +225% luck blue affix somewhere (hat?) and change the “Glasscannon” on your offhand for something else if you want a little more survival chances.

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Can you get push the limit with a ruby? Also i played dq for 6 hours yesterday (usually 1), and i got alot of progress, specially on my warrior hireling. He had 400k hp so i gave him my lucky eternal wand (jasper-lance) of umm the ability that gives ele crit and removes mana regen. With push the limit and 80% glasscannon he now has 70k hp and beast dps.

Still working hard on getting my second elixir tho :tired_face:

Also i got 3 obsidians (2 from conv epic items and 1 from eternal), no luck there tho…

Is plaqued possible to get from amethysths? Used 10 on my wiz gear no luck :sob:

Also i wanted to edit the post to show how my wiz “progress”, but i cant? How do i edit?

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0 thank you :slight_smile:

you could keep either Glasscannon or Push the Limit, but not both. if you still have issues casting spells, get rid of both, but keep Masochism, as that will keep your Health around 50%, which means your Blood Magic is giving around +100% damage. if you do get rid of both, either Dodge or Crit Chance.

you need more Crit Chance, or you will not be doing very many Deadly Strike/Brutal.

take off Shield wall Proc & replace with Dodge.

take off +5000 Poison on Sword and replace with +100% Weapon Damage. on Stat Page, I guess split your Stat Points between Mana & Power. Wizards get an All Resist bonus with Mana, and Blood Magic switches the Mana to Health, so you get both benefits. I guess 2 or 3 Points in to Mana for each Point into Power. the +100% Weapon damage will really boost damage from the Power Stat a lot more than you are getting from +5000 Poison.