Updated 100% Block Build

Here is my 100% Block build which used a combination of Frozen and Crushing Flames got damage.

This is meant to be a floor climbing build. I’m current around floor 785, so now that I have all the gear I wanna see how high I can go.

I still need to level the slime up all the way, do my final ascension and finish 8 more hero levels. I also decided to switch from Cyclone to Cosmic Orb which means I need to spend another 10k Diamonds to try and roll another perfect Apollyon and then hope I get a perfect Crushing blow Obsidian on it.

That said, here’s the breakdown of the build.

The main points are, 100% block, Crushing Flames, and Frozen.

I wanted to try and max (pre epiphany) as many things as possible while still being able to boost damage effectively. I worked the numbers to figure out which affixes would most benefit dps.

I was able to get

60% Crushing Blow
+10 All Skills
100% block including bulwark
50% clear cast (this helps to be able to spam whirlwind without running out of energy)
60% crit chance
360% crit damage (not over cap due to epiphany)
10% deadly strike + brutal works out to basically be the same as 40% deadly strike
120% weaken
+4 All Sets
300% Frostbiting
140% Ice Damage (30% from chest Talent, 10% from pet)
50% barbarian
50% glasscannon (barbarian and glasscannon is better than 100% glass cannon both in damage addition and hp reduction even though hp really doesn’t matter)

I chose ice damage for my main hand because frostbiting is a straight damage adder vs blistering which effects the DOT instead. That means fire goes on the off hand and its only job is to set the enemies on fire for Crushing Flames to work. Between Nova and Taunt on the off hand, everything is always burning and crushing flames is always working. I otherwise don’t care about my offhand damage, so rather than using something with WD on the offhand, I went with barbarian instead which benefits my main hand damage.

I’m just using an epic ice slime because I found more value in being able to pick all 6 affixes. I might play around with a legend or eternal pet at some point but so far I haven’t found one where plugging in the numbers give me more benefit than what I already have currently.

I’m definitely open to suggestions on things I’ve missed or miscalculated though!


How much dodge do you have ?

20%…10% is standard I believe and the other 10% is from Dexterity. Between the 100% block and the Sanctuary mythic, I’m not running into survivability issues yet. If I do I might find some room to bring dodge up some more, but for now all seems smooth.

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Thank you for your efforts

This is my poor dodge/block build

How’d you get epiphany helm without the set bonus affix?

You can get the bonus off with a quartz if it comes off on the first try before the affix order switches. You need to get lucky with the quartz so that it removes everything but epiphany in one try.

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Cant get barbarian, execute dmg and WD. Any tips? I rly want to try this build.

You can’t get those affixes by using ruby.

Barbarian from masochist & berserker sets (mainly warrior items).
Execute damge from demonic set (rogue class).
WD% from weapons (MH&OH).


Thanks a lot. Now im having a hard time to find block affix.

Indra’s Boon is the chest piece I used. There’s a ring (Frost Raven) and a helm (Revenge) you can get a crystal block on, but then you lose epiphany, so I think Indra’s is the best option.

Indras boom is top notch