Warrior Anti Cartograher

This build is for PVE only anti catographer for fast run at any floor.

just spam the skills and the DMG will do


I suggest to instead of move speed affixes try getting 2x push the limit and 1x barbarian.

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Whats your pet? How are your stats distributed?

my new pet :smiley: I cant explain hahaha im playing on my own style not by gamerule play still testing how far this build can go lemme create a better explaination when I got a spare time im just spamming and adding some affix that I guess it might work.

sorry for the ice element on my pet im trying something

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when I got those ill try it thanks

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Very nice build :smiley:

Hehe… nice build eater… :smiley:

thank you thank you :blush: btw new gameplay with shrine

arent those numbers next to the set affix name indicates how many item you currently equipped with the same set affix??? how come you have 5 momentum 6 narodji 5 eternalized 5 faun and 5 plague??? sorry newbie on this game…and the immortal lance has eternalized affix right???

I have +2 set x2 to it became x5 the green affix about nadroji got x2 so it became x6 x5 is max affix ifcitcis not repeated but if it has the same affix it can go higher like my nadroji it became x6
Yes it have but I change it to momentum because I already have at my helm

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In case that wasn’t clear…
There’s a rune that gives +2 to All Sets worn, as well as a +2 all sets affix found on some Nadroji set items.
If you wore 4 of the same set, they would each have (4) beside the name, but you would only get the bonus for wearing 4 once. If you then put a +2 sets rune in a socket on any worn item that would make that (4) above a (6).
So in the above picture he’s wearing 1 of each Fauns Gift, Plagued, Momentum and Eternalized set items and 2 Nadroji, and also has 1 socketed +2 all sets rune and a +2 all sets affix on one of the Nadroji items (totalling +4 to all set affixes). This means all of the set affixes become (5), except Nadroji which will be (6) because he’s wearing two (2+4=6). Hope that’s clearer :slight_smile:


thanks guys…

you’re welcome enjoy the game

i just got a eternal nadroji amulet that has +4set… how did you change the set affix for the immortal lance???

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you cant edit eternal but you can change element and class
I use amethyst for set affix

Damn you’re lucky!

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Very lucky I’m still trying get the normal necklace haha

I got mine eternal amulet and ring at 2.1 version :smile:

Nice I Have been farming floor 100 to 200 m3 and still no luck haha

try my build I just got a new drop again but not nadroji but eternal item :smiley:
nice picture congrats for your 3rd ascension