Will of the Force- Discordance Chakram Orb Reactor Rogue Build {PvP} Patch 2.5


Yeah pesky wizards :smile: I couldn’t get past them either. Especially gob.ph and his 340k hp. The only time I stood a chance was when their AI teleported into the eye of an orb and got stunned then I would just release a few more and Vault away and repeat. Although I knew within the first 6 seconds which of us would win, impossible to outrun their enigma shatter charge with just Vault and a limited amount of mana. Weaken affix might work do the trick you’re right.

In any case I think this is the latest meta-changing build :slight_smile:


Yup. Also both have eternal pets which comes with no surprise the Crush guy and Gob.ph.


Confirmed, weaken is extremely strong against high resist opponent like Crush and anybody else. Replace reduce CD with 20% weaken (90% in PvE on ring or any other place you’d put). They are still difficult opponents due to high movement and teleporting but you have more of a chance defeating them with weaken. That’s what I found too as I suspected they have high resist of 1k or so. Maybe 750.


Trololololol. With weaken and torrent as main skill (not proc or CV). Man that torrent is awesome. No wonder people use CV. It’s both frustrating and awesome.

Gotta love defeating even the toughest of players with relative ease and some challenges.


Gotta make those too :slight_smile:


#Updated damage calculation:

Chakram has top 450 base dmg at level 20 as highest.

In PvP, I have power 57+5=62 power. That 62 power= 62×25=1550 dmg.

BWD+POWER:450+15550= 2000 WD.

I have 6×1040 ED which means 6240 ED total.

2000+6240=8240 total base damage.

Now for calculation of orb with the changes.

Orb has 300% MH dmg from the chakram because Discordance swapped the base MH% dmg values so from 200% to 300%.

2 Multi Attack: 300%×2.06= 618% MH dmg

2 Extra Attack: 618%×1.3975= 863.655 MH% dmg

Identity (3): 863.655%×1.375= 1,187.525625% MH% dmg

2× 18% Push the Limit 1,187.525625×1.36= 1,615.03485% MH dmg.

#Damage output:

Orb: 8240×1,615.03485%=133,078.87164 dmg. Obviously that is changed because it is reduced by 95% for arena reasons.
95% of this: 133,078.87164×0.05= 6,653.943582 DMG.

Defiant: if you have 90% HP missing, this will be 15%×0.9= 13.5% extra DMG increase added onto 15%.

15+13.5= 28.5% DMG increase.

6,653.943582 ×1.285= 8,550.31750287 DMG.

Barbarian 18%: 8,550.31750287×1.18= 10,089.374653386 DMG.

Living Force: 10,089.374653386×1.6= 16,142.999445417 DMG

Demonic: 16,142.999445417×1.6= 25,828.799112668 DMG

Exposed Chest Mythic: 25,828.799112668×1.5= 38,743.198669002 DMG

Stack Debuff 50% from shock 1v1: 38,743.198669002×1.5= 58,114.798003503 DMG.

Crit DMG:. I have 110% crit dmg. I also have 50% internal crit dmg hidden. Technically I deal 160% crit dmg total.

58,114.798003503×2.6= 151,098.4748091 Crit DMG.

Deadly Strike: 151,098.4748091×2=302,196.94961821 Deadly Strike DMG. ( This kind of damage appears on dummy but for players, this damage is usually halved by 50% or 75% generally in division 1).

2v2 calculation from stack debuff but instead of 50%, it becomes 100% because two players attacked with shock 4 times: 38,743.198669002×2=77,486.397338004 DMG.

Crit DMG: 77,486.397338004×2.6=201,464.63307881 Crit DMG

Deadly Strike:201,464.63307881×2=402,929.26615762 Deadly Strike (highest possible Dmg for 2v2 but players can obviously reduce this damage by 50% or more but this kind of damage can appear on 2v2 dummy).

Highest damage I could get if I am in sanctuary mode this calculation is but my damage will still be high generally. Below 30% HP, demonic kicks in for extra damage and it’s great with Defiant. Of course players can reduce this Deadly Strike and overall damage a lot because most players use DMG reduction . Around 50% damage reduction or more they generally have.


#Updated for patch 3.0:

  • **Malestrom (3):** Malestrom gives 22.5% proc damage which isn't as much as 60% from living force at PvP but it's still something. Mayhem is another option if you want proc damage as 3 procs also does 22.5% damage but it also has the stun chance. However stun is nerfed to 1 second which is small but could make a difference with Stagger.
  • **Electrocution (3):** 30% damage per stack Debuff from Electrocution so 120% extra damage when enemies below 25% HP if I attack 4 times with stack Debuff and an additional 50% damage increase by stack Debuff. You can also use demonic if you like.

#Legend affixes:

  • **2× 9% Storm proc:** Remove orb proc and replace with storm proc. Discordance no longer works on procs so use a high MH% proc like Storm, Meteor, etc. Storm for wide AOE results.Throwsword is also good. 2× 9% storm proc. This is because they are buffed by 2× PTL and Identity (3) set which is buffing the skills by 36% push the Limit and 37.5% boost from Identity. As a result , I got 600% storm into 1122% MH damage .

#Crystal Affixes
2× 11% Reduced CD: I ended up using 2× 11% reduced CD so procs can proc more since procs now work on internal CD of the skill like storm proc CD. It’s probably not always worth it but I wanted to give it a try and I don’t think I need Weaken 20% now atm.

Razor 4: I tried Razor Talent because I can try bleed dot which sometimes helps instead of deadeye but it’s up to you.

Eternal Flawless Victory Trophy: Nuff said. Reduces enemies chance of Crits and elemental Crits which helps for survival.

#Optional and current thinking idea:

I may try using Fauns Gift and Luck with some HP and damage reduction to make up for Crit nerf if everybody uses flawless victory. Although I could also use Sureshot . Damage reduction is easier thanks to Hyper Armour and Double Mitigate .
I’ll probably replace Reactor with Fauns Gift, 6× Luck​ nature and some Luck crystal affix.

Sureshot could be an option but it only triggers once with the 100% deadly strike chance and 100% crit chance . but Exposed is long term damage.

All I’d need is Shieldwall, Defiant, Shieldwall, some resists, maybe ice element , Fauns Gift and luck for damage reduction. Probably may even use CV but I dislike CV so nope.

Everything else is self explanatory and I had full explanation of this build on first page of this post so the mechanics of Discordance Orb stay the same but the set choices change.

Need advice - is this good to build a flintrock-roque-hireling?

How could I incorporate this into your build? I absolutely love the concept of your rogue.


Actually you can definitely use this for your rogue. Sure no MP Regen but it’s still worth it because of the chance of more orbs as well as more damage and HP.
Maybe no Regen but it looks like it could definitely work.


Perfect. What set would you substitute it with?


Oh the plagued set being replaced. I’d say keep plagued set but replace reactor or something?


Awesome. Ill let you know how it goes, man!


Good luck!


i dont even have eternal pet . :frowning:


Nice fiqht @CuzegSpiked i use ur build anyway :grin: but you win :cry:


Wow. Nice. I’m glad to hear that :slight_smile: . That storm effect ftw and good AI I guess?


@CuzegSpiked help me more roque builds for pvp i can’t defeat warrior bcuz of hiqh hp and very rush :pensive: i want to hiqh leaque :pray::pray::pensive::pensive:


Have you tried my ai? The warrior one :grin:


I thought you want to replace your reduce cd to weaken sir?


This build is awesome made me top 1 before, thanks to this build even i did not copy 100%