Will of the Force- Discordance Chakram Orb Reactor Rogue Build {PvP} Patch 2.5


With discordance, if I use Skilled get 50% damage for Orb?


Nope. Skilled will work on primary skill regardless whether the special skill acts like a primary in discordance. It only works on primary skills and that’s a good thing.


I’ve been following this update haha :joy::joy:, the permafrost bonus is.not activated ?


so now sir what are your set affixes? Defiant, reactor, Fauns Gift, Hunger, Vamp and maelstrom? am I right? how about the electrocution and the identity? plsss correct if I’m wrong…


Nothing changed and it still works very well against basically any person ever. Concept is basically the same as before. Using hunger to vault fast with some HP from faun gift and a good way to Regen mana for hunger fast whilst still dealing high MH% Orb and cosmic orb comes. I also have storm proc which is totally optional.


Ok so Fauns Gift is worth it as well as 150+ all resist and 2× 1700 AR. Then 1× 53% Luck, 1× 11% Reduced CD and 1× 19% HP.

Also added 40% Perseverance for reduction of bleed dot , added back that 2nd PTL, of course using 150% Luck in nature as well as 23% Luck on pet. I removed 1× Storm for the Perseverance but kept 1× Storm proc too because storm is great.

Extra 1040 ED on pet as well as 1540 HP on pet and everything else you need.

Then I added Hunger because I wanted to do this for a while. Hunger is so good!

The 18% Weaken wasn’t worth it in this case.

I also added Permafrost for 16% damage Reduction due to MP Absorb and the Permafrost Bonus to Regen MP by 2000 to supplement hunger + vault spam arena .

Optional: You could use Ice for further damage reduction and slowing enemies down but no stack debuff means less DMG. You’d probably need some frostbiting and coat proc or something to freeze players. Although just the ice debuff alone helps give you damage reduction since enemies will deal 25% less damage when slowed by ice or frozen. You would still win but it would be slower.

Note: This build can be hard to control because of 0 CD vault thanks to Hunger but you can get used to it. With that, you can spam vault whenever you see a CV or get close to being hit and run away super fast. Also the CD of Orb is 1.5 seconds or less so that means faster casting.

Skills: Orb, Skulldraga , Vault.

Same post as before for 3.0 but I decided to show the permafrost bonus for this build to share instead of keep it secret . Ok lemme post proof it works.


This is the Permafrost Bonus working in PvP with just 1 set and doing its job. Same build as posted.

Credit to @Midlumer for giving me permafrost and hunger suggestion and I did actually think about using Midlumer Orbit Build ideas to implement to my own build and credit to @Mr Scooty as well as Midlumer for teaching me about the Bonus effect in arena as well as suggestion for permafrost bonus.

Due to this , I feel like I can make any build now :smile: .

PvP Set Bonus Activation Details
Luck or Bad Luck

Total damage reduction:

We have 2× 1700 AR, 600 AR total on gear , 226% Luck for 84.75% increased HP and resist on Fauns gift , Permafrost , 150+ all resist and 60 shock resist. Also the shock 112 resist.
We also have Permafrost and Defiant to reduce damage. Defiant reduces damage by 15% and it scales between missing HP whilst the Permafrost has 20% MP Absorb for rescuing DMG by 20%.

Of course the Flawless victory will be used so they won’t crit so easily.

Total AR= 1700+1700+600 = 4000. 4000×1.75 (75% increased AR Plagued) = 7000 AR.

Total Resist: 150+ All resist + 60 shock resist + 112 Shock Resist affix = 322 shock resist. 322×1.8475= 594.895 shock resist.

Total damage reduction overall.

Lets say someone dealt 10k damage to me.

Permafrost activates first for MP Absorb and reduces damage by 20% : 10000×0.8= 8000 damage.

AR Formula: 8000-(8000×7000÷(7000+20×1000)= 5,925.9259259259 damage. Now the damage is reduced to overall 41%

Resist Formula: 5,925.9259259259-(5,925.9259259259×594.895÷(594.895+20×100)= 4,567.3724184801 damage.

At this point , overall damage reduction is now 55%.

Defiant: 4,567.3724184801× 0.85 (reduce damage by 15%)= 3,882.2665557081 . Damage reduction overall is now 62% approximately.

This is why I seem to do very well in tanking hits in arena whilst being able to deal high hit frequency to win and the hunger + vault combo to blind and move fast to avoid CV. I can drastically reduce CV damage this way and make CV almost a non issue.

Im not gonna bother calculating damage reduced at low HP with using Defiant but 90% HP means from 15% to 28.5% damage reduced by Defiant set since it means 15%×1.9= 28.5% .


Thanks for sharing Justin.


You’re welcome :smile: .


sir I have question… how about your stat distribution? can you tell me thanks…


All power


Always all power.




Each class has a main stat that they get perks from. Warriors get Armor with health, rogues get dodge with power and wizards get resist with mana. This is true for pve and I don’t remember reading anywhere that it isn’t true for pvp.

Here is my toon with all health on top and all power on the bottom for comparison

I’ve always played with all health on my war. I wonder if that’s why everyone seems to hit so much harder then me. I’ll play a bit with all power and report back on my findings. I’m hoping it makes my toon way better.




This build still rocks in arena. I did minor tweaks but it still works as normal.

Also I do the skulldraga to distract A.I strategy which works almost everytime on nearly every opponent . Mainly immortals , sachna and pretty much any A.I.

Although most people are easy to defeat. I did like bekors stormbolt semi immortal build though , real competitive against my build. Semi immortals are far more deadlier than true immortals and deadlier when it’s a legit player.

Tweaks being, remove luck on pet and replacing with 700, AR and removing 117 shock resist to 70 All resist since that gets multiplied by Fauns Gift. Lost only 4k HP so I’m at 70k hp but it still works well and a slight damage Reduction increase.

I would love to make a new unique arena build though after some testing. Some ideas to come back in my head lol. I know very well how to build but it’s just ideas and inspiration.

Edit: 1 month later as of 18/09/17, I added Regen and more damage Reduction. It’s so much better and stands a chance more. I won’t share because I’d rather you figure out yourself.


now at 3.0 does discordance increase the damage of orb by EAC and MultiAttack?


Yes still. I am after still using this build and can gets to the top very nicely. This build can handle immortals and anybody it faces and it has many forms you can attempt.


@CuzegSpiked th ats why i luv your work cause it can adapt and survive