Will of the Force- Discordance Chakram Orb Reactor Rogue Build {PvP} Patch 2.5


If you’re a good builder , you can adapt any. I had to adapt in order for it to do well. In general if you want to compete, adapting is a key skill and trait needed for any build.


Relevant ?


I still use it so yes. It’s still more than capable of doing no1.


Hello ) and what version of the build would you recommend ? And what about hero points ?


orb hero points on pet,and use the 3.0 latest version.

I did however make changes such as using satyrs spirit over fauns gift for eg and using 7500 AR more. not using reduced CD and using relentless talent. Not too many changes to get it relevant. also permaforst and druidic bonus (no vampiric touch).


What you think about demonic pet ? Im just have him :slight_smile:


You can use demonic for PvP but only effective if the opponent HP is 25% or below which imo isn’t worth it for pvp. Reducing regen is nice but the dmg increase is only effective after player low. You will basically have to invest more into dmg other than 7x 5000 ED, also having barbarian, push the limits, glasscannon, crits, etc.


Ok, thx for help, i ll try satyr, and druidic bonus.


Hi Cuzeg, it’s me again ) I’d like to ask. Druidic bonus is only available on amulets. But to replace the amulet I can’t, because there is a PTL, the PTL course is on the chest, but there is Hunger, which is also impossible to replace ) as this problem was solved by you ?


i use one PTL and as a substitute, using 3+ orb on pet for dmg. Thats just the sacrifice of using druidic bonus + permafrost bonus for my build.


I thinking hero points dont work in pvp xD


hi. did you change the amulet ptl to hp? and what are the natures of these items. thank you im new.
and what are the latest talents and hero points


also i dont know the special skill of your oh weapon


Qual está sendo a build atualizada ?


No I haven’t updated. I haven’t played PvP or DQ for that matter for a while.


@CuzegSpiked but I bet you will be onto DQ2 like a rash in a disease clinic :smiling_imp: You are just waiting for the next chapter :slight_smile:


Good to see you back bud, been a while… and i remember you spending the best for two months theory crafting this :sweat_smile: it was about the time cronos was making the hitachimon build i think?


Yep. I remember that too, I was so into it and it felt like the best months of the game and the amount of learning and trial and error. It was so fun.


Lmao. Yeah I can see that happening .


@CuzegSpiked will definitely see you in DQ2