This build is plain as u can see. it full with direct multiplying power.

•Inferno at rank 3 +30% fire damage
•Ballista at rank 3 increase damage of throw item by 4.5% per yard (guidedshot max yard travel is around 20-25 yard) you can simply × it later on.
•momentum at rank 3,increase damage by 30% current M.Speed.
•Vampiric touch, well this is luck in my build. as u can see, bleed chance only have on my pet.
•Cosmic power at rank 3 increase projectile damage by 38% (noy remember tho i think it inside timewarp)
•Rage. the only set i could think that atleast increase my spike damage.

multishot stay as u need that 1050% damage on your guidedshot.
also your OH vial is must i guess, since this is single shot build mean u will need extract all power into 1 arrow. so before u shot u need to coat first. also it special skill amber to timewarp. timewarp increase projectile damage by 50%. in the end u need to active all buff before u release ur overwhelmed arrow.

some i dont remember it name tho.
i think i use flicher (something like that) multiplying bow attack speed.
relentless increase damage per % of % enemy hp missing.
porpus something lol. not remember (sorry) chance knocking back enemy (u will need this chance after u shot, when enemy hitted it will req 1-2 sec before ur enemy die. so knocking them back is 1 kind of buy time). *there is some reason why i not use dexcious or something name like that (increase crit damage beyond on DODGE) u wont let them ever i mean EVER get close to u lol. u sure dead if ur enemy infront u. u wont let them attack even once so u can dodge and buff. it too complicated to active it buff while u cant even let them get close to u.
deadeye increase deadly strike, this is setup for extreme spike damage.

Mythic skill
Discordance ofcoz u need it to make ur single shot. also discordance increase all damage come from MH by 25% also reduce cost and cooldown. (if u see in my ring there is +2 multi attack affix) i read somewhere that discordance increase damage by EAC and MA. but i still wondering the % of each 1 EAC and MA to damage, i hope dev explain it lol.

Skilled increase primary damage by 50%

Sentuary this is just backup if ur enemy get infront u. u can take this as ur second chance.

i not Screenshot my thropy tho. but for sure u need flawless thropy, flawless reduce block and dodge chance, this what u really need. if u build whatsoever strong build if it not hit. then it not deal anything. got it.? and also it extremely important. thropy skill must be silence. when u hit them u need them to silenced for 2 sec. this atleast to prevent them to remove DoT debuff.


Calculating format
1.Discordance, inferno, momentum (Rage value spike hidden)
3.Timewarp + cosmic power
5.Relenless (talent) this when DoT take control on your enemy.

this basic of it core, the actual mutiplying at lvl 20 i cant figure it out yet. unless i know my Bow Base damage at lvl 20.

Btw Enjoy. i hope u can understand my messy english and understand ky explaination lol.


Ballista does not work with Guided shot. Only thrown items like CHakrams, Hatchets and Throw swords work.

Ahh I tested it before ballista on a bow type. Couldn’t really feel the damage but the knockback for me was working

i think he used ballista bcos the mh special is throw sword. It might work considering your casting mh special using mh primary.

really.? i though it work coz the knock back work lol. thank. im gonna swap it with something else.

nahh this mh special is multishot. godwarth build use swordthrow as special.

is this build good only in PVP??or is it good also for PVE?

Hmmm pretty sure Blistering can cause bleed, and since you’re using a jar, bleed will happen every time as long as you always pre-coat

this is pvp build. if u want pve u can look at godwarth build recipe or u can use ocenyx build. btw i am familiar with the name lol. kram, just guessing. have u play HoC? i mean heroes order and chaos.

really.? i though blistering +dot damage by +ED.

That’s immolate.

Since you added Blistering to your gear, flame pillar spawn will also cause bleed.

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ahh i see… thanks lol. propably will look into it back. will see what should i change next.

Build Updated.
LOHKO v2.0 raw DPS (Outside Arena)
Ive seen alot LOHKO build in arena, and ive taste it damage and the damage other player do is just 20-30% of real lohko build. its strange tho. so i decide to give some big hint about the real lohko build. as u can see in guide pic, it actually pre-mature build. the rest and some other affix u can try predict from ⇧ picture. all the best. (o^^)o

What is your DPS in Arena crono? At least you share some portions of your build thanks man. But yeah lot of ppl are copying this now…

Also just a question, what is better between +5000 fire dmg or +5000 weapon if I had to choose between one? And why?

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dps on arena.? if u mean “power” as it write in after match info its 1060 or 1040 something like that.

And for ED and WD. i like to have both on my MH lol. if u ask which one better. it actually depend on your build.

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Does this build you show give out that 1k DPS or is it your secret built changed a little

This build posted is around 760-800 power “dps”
the one i hide is 1060

nice bro

try go againt me i use another build called “warth” it have power around 1000 too so try figure that out lol

Dude I wrecked wrath easily yesterday like a magic league player lol. But to be fair it was prob because it had disadvantage to my build.