Alguno habla español?

Alguien que hable español , y poder ayudarnos entre si… agradeceria mucho


DQ Forum only uses English. This can make it hard for Players who speak other languages. Google Translate can help us to understand each other, even if it is not 100% accurate.

if there are other Players who want to help @Tristanp7 using Spanish, using Private Message might be the thing to do, if it makes it easier than communicating in the Forums. any questions that can’t be answered in PM could then be asked here in the Forum.

ask your questions and share your ideas, and we will do our best to bridge the differences in languages.

welcome to Dungeon Quest Forums.


@Golem right use google translation… We are not going to discriminate you because you didn’t know how to use english and we are not going to look down on you even me I didn’t know how to use proper english but still they can understand me…


Lets help each other! :slight_smile:

@Golem and @Berot, I <3 you guys! No homo though…