Arena for all

What about making an arena where u get some crystals/mythstones and have to craft items right before the fight (it would be some fights in a row i think).U choose your mh/oh and here u go. It would be great for newbies who get destroyed by full mythic cristal build

U dont need to rush for arena… making good build for arena need more time, and sometimes stresfull…
U need to farming a lot to get crystal, mhytstone, item, pet, etc…
But if u realy want to arena, look at this build…


U can choose 1, that good build and u can easy win with that build… But as i said, u need farming more for making good build,


Hey @brang!

You can also help us by sharing your "Oyong":muscle::eyes: or your "Habibie":muscle::eye:crafts.


I dont know if its good craft, my habibie is Immortal build like @Mr_Scooty share with some epic affix change, and my oyong is bloodthirsty like @kiane_zaine build but with warrior…


They are great crafts.:trophy:

It’s up to you though.

I have used only Epic affixes on my Equipment and still won fights in Eternal League, so you don’t really need Crystal, Mythic, Legend, or Eternal items. I have gotten up to Division 5 with only Epic, but it isn’t easy. of course this kind of build doesn’t do to well on defensive battles.

winning more fights than you lose and getting up to Division One in Eternal League requires something better than using only Epic Affixes, but that means you need to Farm for what you need in the Campaign part of Dungeon Quest right before the fight.

and it wouldn’t be fair to players who spent a lot of time to make their full mythic cristal build if some Noob could trash them in the Arena the first day they play DQ. the reason Noobs get destroyed is because they are Noobs and have a Noob PVP Build. when a Noob Gets Gud, then it is their turn to do the destroying!!!


Actually @Golem getting to eternal division 5 using only epic is awesome. :heart_eyes:


I think my first time in Eternal League I was using a Farm Build with Mythic, Legend, & Crystal Items/Affixes, with a few Epic Affixes in there somewhere. but later I wanted to try using an Epic Affix only build, and not only did it go from Mythic League to Eternal, it was able to get up to Division 5! I have tried a few different Epic Affix Builds in Eternal League to test out some ideas, and most can get to Division 5, but the rest end up going back and forth between Mythic & Eternal Leagues.

using Builds like this are a good way to cheaply test out some ideas before spending more expensive Crystals. I figure if I can get an Epic Build into Division 4, then I can Craft it with better stuff for climbing the PVP Ladder.

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Bravo . This should be a guide for newcomers. Now write it and post it. :sunglasses:

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I’m division 5 to 4. Spent a hell of lot of chrystals. You loved our 7DS guide. But yours will be better. It helps people succeed cheaply and tweak cheaply. Game changer :grinning:

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considering that I am using affixes that do good in PVP, and that @Mr_Scooty and other players have said should be used instead of other affixes, is what makes the Epic Affix PVP Build work good. like Flat WD+ & ED+, extra HP & MP, the ability to move around the Arena quickly, simple things like that. when you figure out which Epic Affixes are good to use in PVP, you can start thinking of Legend, Crystal, and Set Affixes to make the PVP Build even better.

Epic Affixes are cheap to work with and test, and you can get ideas from testing Epic Affixes before you start spending your precious Ultra Rare Crystals and making expensive mistakes.

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You should call the guide something like " Golems begginer guide to success in the arenas."

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bwahahahahaha!!! my recent Epic Builds basically follow the ideas shared by @Mr_Scooty in his Immortal Build Reveal Thread. I only use Epic Affixes instead of all the other affixes, like Legend, Crystal, Mythic, & Set affixes.

like I said, it is hard moving up, but feels great beating up someone who spent tons of loot on the Ultimate Epic Legend Crystal Mythic Set PVP Build using only Epic affixes. some of my Epic Builds I have added some Legend Affixes, but I haven’t really found a good Build with nice affixes that synergize well together. of course losing means I have to think of changes and improvements.

Yeah but for poor newcomers it will inspire them to preservere. :rofl: You could call it " The cinderella build for newbies in pvp."

One legend permafrost hat with bonus. Add harmony. Epic affixes. See what happens :sunglasses: