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hey i am new to this game, and i wonder if someone can help me build my warrior for farming, or my mage, i am aware of build guides on forums, but they pretty much only explain late game things, and not from scratch…


@justjoey053 in the early game, you are stuck with what you find in loot. items with Luck and Gold Find are a good foundation for getting started on farming. when you find Legend items with those and Fortune affix, and when you put Hero Points in to the Fortune Skill, your loot will increase, and eventually you will have the stuff to make some of the items you found in the Forums.

one trick that is good for beginners is when you use Angelite Crystal on items, when you put the sixth affix on, it is automatically an Epic affix. so doing this, and using Kyanite to take a Normal affix (Yellow) off one at a time and replace it with an Epic affix. if you are putting a fifth or lower number of affixes on an item with Angelite, it has a good chance to be Normal affix, and it seems like a 20% to 25% chance to be Epic (Orange). once you do this, then you can start working on getting affixes that you want that are all Epic.

the good thing of doing it this way is you learn how to craft your equipment with low cost and easy to obtain Crystals, so when you get the more valuable Legend items and Crystals, you have a better understanding of what to do. this is how I learned to craft my items, and reading the Forums helped a lot too. :smile: :blush:

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so no beginner guide … i mean there must be some guide lines on what to get

there isn’t really any guides in the Forum, just advice of what to do. but everyone has there own way of doing things, so there isn’t really one way to get started. some players have experience in other games similar to DQ and just start playing. some don’t. some play and learn as they go along, and others read the Codex all the way through first, then check out what is on the DQ Forum, and then they start playing. then there is the group of players who focus on PVP and others who focus on PVE, and those who do both.

as far as a guide, take a look in the Codex > Legendex. there is a list of Legend items for each class. this might suck, but you get to learn what there is to look forward to when you get loot from monsters. there is a Chest/Head combo that has Adventurer Set that has Experience Boost and Fortune affix. all classes have this combo. there are a few more Set combinations that have a focus on Farming with Fortune Skill affix, Luck and Gold Find, and some also have Item Drop affix bonus. these will help you get a head start on your farming for whichever class you are using.

take a look in the Codex > Dictionary. it is a little out of date, but most of the information is still good. affix, map affix, monster affix will help you in the early game, and Crystals can help when you get enough to start personalizing your items. Set affix is a good thing to learn, and take a look at Natures. all beginning items have Haste Nature, which gives a small boost to your Attack Speed, I think +15% total. items you pick up will have random Natures, so knowing which boosts you have can help. later you will find Crystals that you can use to put Natures you want/need on the items.


do a search using either Noobs or Beginners. I just did and realized there is a lot of other players who asked the same question as you did, and there are a lot of answers that might help.

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Thanks , !!