Help build mage meteor

Can help?

Mh - epiphany, meteor ball, WD 200% + Myth stone 50%
Oh - Crushing flames, Shatter, (Fury is my resource)
Armor - Aftermath (Brutal mythic)
Helm - Masochism
Ring - Rage
Amulet - Aftermath
Pet - Elements

Whats all suggest? Need help im on F500+ and im doing fine. Its just that im not doing billion dmg . How to do billion damage. my maximum is only 400m :cry:

What i love from my build is its unlimited meteor,
Clearcast 75%, Mirrorcast 25%, Specialist 25%, Elements 37.5%, Meteor proc 50%

Stats cap: Crit chance, Crit damage, crush blow, elem crit, All past maximum.

Glasscannon 98%, ignore resist,

Pls help

Help :cry:

take Crushing Blow MS off of Bracer and put +100% Blistering on.

change Focus Talent to Sorcery Talent on Chest.

change Wizardry Talent to Amplify Talent on Head.

change Reclaim Talent to Fester Talent on Amulet.

on the Pet, have a +50% Bleed Damage and +15% Immolate (to make up for losing Wizardry Talent).


the extra Blistering gives +200% Bleed damage total, and the +50% Bleed Damage improves Bleed Damage to +300% total.

Sorcery increases Fire DoT damage, which means Immolate causes more damage which means Bleed from Blistering does more damage. although you lose +50% weapon damage, you gain +100% Fire DoT damage.

Amplify 20 gives +40% damage when an enemy has a DoT on it (this means Fire DoT with your build). with this and Sorcery, your damage, Fire DoT, and Bleed damage should be higher.

Fester gives increase your Fire DoT to 3 seconds and speeds up the Fire DoT to 1.5 tics a second, so in 3 seconds you do 4.5 Fire DoT, and each Fire DoT is doing double damage from Sorcery…

when you get them, you can use Obsidian Crystal to improve Crystal affix values.

one thing that is really hurting your build is it’s need for at least one +100% Fire ED. (can’t be rolled with Ruby, you need to find an item with it) this will really increase your damage a lot. two +100% Fire ED would be best.

also, you should have your Power Stat at 60 or higher.

hope this helps.

Ok ok! I got it hehe thanksss

Brooo i just got it. Now what?
Since i have fury resourcr cost, i remove Aetheral drain? Yea?

((base Gauntlet damage + Power Stat) x (Item Quality +1) x (Weapon Damage% + 1)) + Weapon Damage+) x (Elemental Damage% + 1) + Elemental Damage + = Total Weapon Damage.

Total Weapon Damage is then multiplied by everything else, like Gauntlet Hero Skill and Glasscannon for example.

for your Build, +200% Weapon Damage is added to the +50% damage for +250% Weapon Damage. in the Elemental Damage% space, you have no damage, so no extra damage there. if you had +100% Fire, it would look like this…

((BWD + Power Stat) x (IQ + 1) x (2.5 + 1)) x (1 + 1) =
((BWD + Power Stat) x (1.25 + 1) x 3.5)) x 2 =
(BWD + Power Stat) x 2.25 x 3.5 x 2 =
(BWD + Power Stat) x 15.75 =

with out the +100% Fire you are…
((BWD + Power Stat) x 7.875) x 8.25 (meteor does 750% weapon damage and gain 75% meteor damage from Aftermath Bonus) x 3 (+200% damage from meteor 40). meteor 40 drops three meteors. this is damage done before Glasscannon & Masochism.

I hope this helps and isn’t too confusing.

this is where I got the math from…

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you don’t need Aethereal Drain on the Build, so take it off. umm, but don’t you want the Aftermath Bonus?

I haven’t tested it, but I don’t know if Fury is affected by Aethereal Drains nerfing MP Regen. you might want to test that before you do to much crafting and use a lot of Crystals… if you do end up using this, and AD works with Fury, keep it. it will save you putting Immolate on the Pet so you could use another affix. without the bonus, you could now have two Blistering… with the +50% Bleed damage on the Pet, this should make up for the damage lost from the Bonus Meteor damage.

Yeah, i have vampiric touch lol. I thought bleed dmg from there would be good. I am thinking of getting inferno set or vamp bleed set? Dunno, or shud i grt both and get rid of aftermaths?

And heres my pet, yeah not the best. I hate the arc boost .

if you want to go farther with bleed, then vampiric touch. if you want to go further with Fire, then Inferno. because of Blistering, and if you are thinking of going away from aftermath, you could do both Inferno and Vampiric Touch.

Inferno (5) with Fester 40 would give you 3 Fire DoT a second for 4 seconds! that’s a lot of DPS. and with Sorcery 20 or 40, the Fire DoT’s will be 80% or 120% of the attacks damage, and that’s a lot of damage! if you still like using Meteor, just stick with Arcane Element. also, you could put some points into Prismatic. this way, you get the Element% damage and a chance for other elements (this works way good with Amplify Talent) and a chance for an extra attack from Elements Set that is a different Element from the attacks element.

if you really don’t like this Pet, you could use an Epic Pet until you find a Legend Pet with a Set affix you like.

Im near there. Thank u so much!
I hope ill get lucky to get elem crit red affix!

Bro, @golem. Vety much appreciated!!

And ummm, how to get fester 40? Thru +talent? Whats best? Mytstone +Talent or the legend affix?

the easiest way is to have Fester 20 on the Amulet and two Fester +10 on your Items. if you are going to have 2 or more Talents at 30+, then you need to figure out if you have room for those 2 Mythstones & 2 Legend affixes or go with enough Epic Talent affixes, or some combination of the above that works with the space available in your build.

one reason I said go with Fester 40 instead of 20 is that it is worth it for certain builds. when I don’t want/need Prismatic or Fester, then I usually go with Empower 20.

And um, golem. I got this instead of my old ring.
(Still figuring the best set affix. Planning wit h Rage but not final. If u have suggestion i really would love to hear)

This is my 2nd 100% elem dmg. So yeah, i left my ignr dmg and go for Effective+Weaken. Now my quest, is it worth it? I just lost blue CB.

And yeah, i reached 800m but not 1b HAHAHA thank u for ur help.

And heres my ongoing neck

Heres my very fresh chest

most players go with +30% to +40% Crushing Blow, some with less. Crushing Blow isn’t really damage, it just slices and dices an enemies Health. most players use CB & CF in builds to get enemy Health down to 25% to activate Demonic and/or Electrification Sets and Legend Execute affix.

if you want to get into the Billion Damage Club with Fire, lot’s of Blistering & +50% Bleed Damage will get you there with Billions of Bleed Damage. if you want to get there with out Bleed, then forget Blistering and Bleed damage and go with more % Fire and other ways of increasing damage. remember, if your Meteor is doing 400 million damage and you have Meteor 40, the three Meteors will do a total of 1.2 Billion damage, and the Meteor Craters will do another 2.4 Billion damage to any enemy in them (this is why Magnify is important, bigger AoE) and why Aftermath is good with Meteor by giving it a Taunt ability.

here’s a post from back when I got my first billion damage without CB & CF. I think I was using Ice at the time with +200% Frostbiting.

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@golem this would be my last HAHAHA. So heres my recent changes

So for my amulet, im thinking of changing +all talents and crt dmg, replace it with elem crit, immolation, immolation dmg, blistering, or , maybe add another meteor proc, idk xDJust for that, last thing that i need help with my build. And anything you wanted to add or tweak to my build.

Thank u btw @golem, you helped me alot. Im one shotting cartog and enslaves. Tho im not seeing the dmg i dealt.


Looks great to me! Do you have any crystals left? :rofl: Hopefully you have a good farming build along with it.

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brooo yeah i know xD and i really feel the need to have an ccount solely for farming. +gold too, very, xpensive


with Crystal +225% Critical Damage, Rage Set, and +75% Critical Hit with Epiphany (5), you’ll only be a few percentage points away from the new Epiphany Cap for Crit Damage. just one Strength Nature is enough to max it out (if you really want to, I’m just happy with being way over the +350% cap), and you wouldn’t need any of those other Epic Crit Damage. you could put in some more +20% Fire or some +10% Dodge for survival.

when you have some Amethyst Crystals, I would take out the Masochism and put in Demonic Set. with Crushing Flames getting enemy HP down to 25% quickly, that will activate Demonic (5) doing +100% damage to enemies with 25% or less Health (doesn’t affect CB or CF)

oh wow! I just noticed :eyes: all that Weaken! with Effective Mythic, that is going to be lots of damage! :smiling_imp: with Epiphany(5) the Weaken Cap is +250%… just saying… so many choices for your build…


Hehe got another weaken btw just now.

And im thinking of putting demonic yes. I lost some crit chance but thats fine i only need a crit chance and the crt dmg will do the play. Im just curious, is the affix ‘immolation dmg’ rollable?

Bored to crying. Lost 200+ red dust just for to get 96% fire dmg. Total of 296% yeah just sad

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